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80/10/10- what do you think??


So I've been raw for bout nine months now.. I've also been a vegetarian for 6 years and vegan for 2 years...'

I have a question bout CANDiDA and the 80/10/10 diet.. I've been suffering for candida-related issues for exactly TWO LONG YEARS now..=/ At first I did not know it could be Candida...I found it out just a few days ago..!!!! =// So I read many opinions of people who suffered from it and cured themselves by adopting a low fat raw vegan diet..I decided to give it a try.At the beginning of my raw journey I 'enjoyed' a pretty high fat diet yeahh..=// And lately I've not been eating any nuts but still having one avocado per day...

My symptoms are mostly located on my SKiN which is really uncomfortable for me..it's come to the point I have big constant rashes on my body(especially on my hips..) and also on my left hand..they are so itchy...they almost burn..I've been also getting lots of red itchy rashes/spots all over my face...=//

And today is DAY EiGHT of my JOURNEY to RECOVERY ON LOW FAT RAW VEGAN...I have to tell you I notice a great improvement in my symptoms..my face is pretty clear but I'm still getting some itchy rashes on some days..=// and as for now my body is stil really itchy and the rashes on my hips often burn so much =/ My skin is really dry but I keep it going without putting anything on it...

I really belive this lifestyle and food will heal me...it's so natural and I enjoy it soo much!! It feels great to eat as natuure intended =)

But what I'd love to know from you is HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COMPLETELY GET RID OF THE CANDIDA SKIN SYMPTOMS??? How long it's been for you and also important ..WHAT DID YOU EAT WHILE CURING CANDIDA..????

Here's my meal plan from today...

1..- Melon blend- 1 honeydew melon blended with water and ice cubes

2.- Strawberry ice cream made wwith strawberries and five small bananas + 2 small kiwi fruits

3.-another Berry ice cream with kiwis (the same ammount)

4.-zucchini spaghetti (from 1 1/2 zucch) with cherry tomatoes and almost a pound of green leaf lettuce lemon juice

Well...I'll be soooooo happy to see some answers from YOU PEOPLE who are following the low fat raw !!!! =DDD



  • oHH lulushka8 thanks for the comment!! ... well..maybe I'll mark clearly HOW MUCH I ate..

    1. - 1 middle sized honeydew melon blended

    2.- 1 lbs strawberries and 10 bananas

    3.- 4 kiwis

    4.- pound of greens

    5.- 1 big zucchini and a half

    6.- pound of cherry tomatoes

    Yeah...I need more..=//

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    congrats about finding something that works for you. i think a lot of people feel really at home with the 80/10/10 diet. i feel that it is the best diet for healing many afflictions. i used to have really really bad candida and now at 4 months on 80/10/10 i can eat high fat meals, like for 3 days in a row, and not have any candida problems. however in the begiing i really need to keep the fats low or else iw ould have problems. i think if you go no overt fats for 4 days you will see worlds worlds worlds of difference :) my advice would just be to try to keep the overt fats low for a while.

    keep your calories higher to cut out cravings. your body will love all the nutrients you are getting and eventually your body will stabalize and you won't need quite so many calories.

    :) you can ask more questions on www.30bananasaday.com too if you need.

  • edited November 2015

    Girls,thank you for the answers!! =D

    lulushka, I'll do this for sure thanx!! =D

    zinfandel , oh you've had candida..!! It's an awful thing..=/ well,actually I'm NO FAT for that 8 days right now... I really think it helps me a lot...improvement is visible but I'm still getting the rashes and itching...=// Is there sth that could speed up the whole process..??

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    my name is Maggie on that site :)

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Just give it time. You had this problem for 2 years and you are anxious after only 8 days :) The body works on it's own time.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    Agnes!!! It's me- Jo. I'm so happy you're on this site!!! I knew it was you after reading a few sentences.

    I'm glad your rashes are getting better. I've noticed 80/10/10 definitely helped with my skin. I don't follow it religiously like I used to, but it is a great way of eating.

    my breakfast was almost the same as yours- one whole cantaloupe blended with water and ice. it's my favorite way to eat a melon!!

  • Can anyone tell me how to get more information about 80-10-10? My husband is out of work right now (who isn't right?), and I can't afford to purchae the book. My library doesn't have it :(

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    here you go, kiwiandme


    this is doug graham's website about 80/10/10

  • Oh thank you ALL SOOOOO SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your support means sooo much =) And you gave me more hope,that's needed for sure!! =D THANX !!!!! =**

    lulushka,mono-mealing..!! I think I'll try it! =D Thank you for the idea =)

    zinfandel, oh yeahh..I know it takes time..=) but you know how it is...you just want everything done right now hah!! =P I'll be patient =))

    kiwiandme - there are plenty of informations on the Web =) check out the 80/10/10 diet on google =) And I can recommend you Dr.Graham's site www.foodnsport.com ..oh and here's a GREAT blog by a lovely woman who describes her life on the 80/10/10 path ..=) Many ideas,infos etc, =D Check it!!

    JOANNA !!!!!!! Ohhhh JO,,,,!!! Great to 'meet' you here!! =D I decided to join =D Will be fun for sure =DDD

    How cute is it that we had THE SAME breakfast hah!!!!!!?? =DDDD We're meant to be friend,Jo hah =DD

    I'm waiting for your email...will you write me,dear..?? =)))

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Can you give me an example of all the food you might eat in a day of 80-10-10?

  • Kiwiandme you can eat FRUIT, GREENS and VEGGiES =D And make lots of things with those =D

    Just look at my meal plan =))

    You can make green smoothies , puddings, ice-cream ..=)

    You can make salads with different stuff there =)

    But simplicity is BEST =D

    And do you want to start this diet..?? =D

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Breakfast- as much watermelon as you want

    Lunch- As many bananas as you want, as much lettuce as you want. alternating bites. YUM! this is soo good.

    Dinner- A salad with mango dressing

    Snack- Apples or dates

    It can get even less complicated than you want. Just eat 3 items or even less a day. Like, apples, mangos, bananas. Or oranges bananas mangos. Or just eat watermelon. Hey! It's awesome.

  • I don't count whether I'm 80-10-10, but I do no added/concentrated fat 6/7 days per week.

    I'll cut and paste some of my "What Did You Eat Today" postings:

    Greens/berries/fungus/seaweed powder with green tea

    Green smoothie with apple, banana, collard, kale

    Cucumber-celery-tomato juice

    1 c. pineapple, 1/2 c. strawberries, 1 c. grapes

    3 mangoes

    Green smoothie with apple, mango, banana, collard, kale

    10 cups of mixed sprouts (they are so good.....plus I haven't had a large movement yet today; something is blocking me up; thought they'd help. :( not yet!)

    1 banana (plain, not in smoothie)

    And for when my banana digests, for later when I watch 24 with my boyfriend, I have made a cilantro, kale, collard, romaine, celery, cucumber, and carrot juice with three-seaweed mixture.


    Greens/berries/fungus/seaweed powder with water

    Green smoothies with bananas, pears, apples, collards, kale

    Mango (mono eating it, about 6 whole ones)

    Banana whip with cinnamon (about 3 bananas)

    Spring mix salad with tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, sprouts, and grapes (no dressing)

    Banana whip with cinnamon (about 3 bananas)

    6 dates

    Romaine salad with cilantro, garlic, cucumber (no dressing


    Greens/berries/fungus/seaweed powder with water

    Apple, banana, kale green smoothie (very large, about 3 16-oz containers worth)

    Apple, carrot, kale, jalapeno, celery juice

    2 Bananas

    1 c. strawberries

    1 c. grapes

    1 c. pineapple

    2 c. mango

    6 dates

    4 cucumbers, noodled and with tomato & sun-dried tomato basil sauce (no fat added), with spinach and extra basil.

    ------Whole papaya

    3 bananas

    4 c. blueberries

    3 c. strawberries

    whole cantelope

    6 c. grapes

    3 zucchini, noodled (:))

    Fresh & sun-dried tomato sauce with lemon juice, basil, dates, a bit of pink salt

    Green juice with cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, parsley

    About 15 dates

    Oh, yeah, I did make a salad with spinach and parsley but one of the two didn't taste right, so I didn't eat much of it but had 7 large lettuce leaves instead

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    A lot of 801010ers dont even make salads. Just wrap fruit in lettuce and your good to go. Or eat a head of lettuce alone. Tastes like butter.

  • Ohhhh nice eats =DD

    zinfandel that's right!! I LOVE RiPE MANGO SLICES wrapped in lettuce leaves...mmmmmmmm....

    Do you mono-meal often...?????

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    i pretty much only monomeal. at least 2 meals a day. i never use a blender either. right now i'm blissing out on watermelon and eating it alone for a couple of days. 'watermelon island' it's like one step up from a fast. im in love!

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Here's an interview I did with 80/10/10er Michael Arnstein, a marathon runner. He's very intelligent. :)

    With three kids, a wife and a business to run, one would think that New Yorker, Michael Arnstein would not have time for much else. But Arnstein also races in marathons, ultramarathons, triathlons and has participated in the Ironman in Hawaii four times. He has won smaller and medium-sized marathons around the country, and said his best time in a marathon is two hours and 31 minutes.

    Arnstein said his diet plays a vital part in his success. He has been eating a diet of only raw fruits and vegetables for a year and a half. Arnstein said his diet is called the 80/10/10 diet because fruits and vegetables in their natural state are primarily in a ratio of 80 percent carbohydrates, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fat. Many people may consider Arnstein

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    hi agnes! you are on the right path! i follow a low-fat raw vegan diet of fruits and greens and i love it! i had candida before i started this diet and the symptoms started to go away instantly after i started eating just fruit.

    here are some recommended readings:

    your natural diet: alive and raw foods by david klein and t.c. fry

    any health book by herbert shelton, especially natural hygiene: man's pristine way of life

    the 80/10/10 diet by doug graham

    here's a great site:


    also, look up fruit combining so that you don't hinder digestion.

  • Thanks again everyone. Is it a good plan to just eat? Just east losts of fruits and vegetable whenever I want, and when I am hunger. I really don't like planning much. I like to go with the flow. I am nuts about watermelon right now too!

    Did you experience any detox-like symptoms when you started? I have been eating 80% raw for 10 days, but I ate 100% raw yesterday, and my stomach is just not right today. It's almost like a hang over with no headache.

    By the way, you all have been so very sweet. Thanks for the advice!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    kiwiandme, the only detox symptom i had were pimples. i think since i was such a healthy eater before raw, i wasn't bombarded with stomach aches and head aches.

    do any of you guys have good fruit/veggie dressing recipes (amounts would help, i.e. 1 banana with etc) ? this is what i have on hand: bananas, strawberries, grapes, lemons, papaya, brocolli, spinach, celery, romaine, and 1/4 of a red pepper.

  • I really have eaten quit healthy too. I did limit myself to 1 serving a cereal or a piece of bread a day. I think it may just be all the fiber.

    I was looking for dressing recipes for you on GR and all full of nuts, ug! So many nuts!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I did an Advanced Search for recipes or forums with the word "dressing" and without the words "cashew, almond or nuts". Got 70 pages. I included the forums because frequently people talk about condiments within the threads. You can refine this basic search if you'd like. Click Advanced Search. Leave the Keywords as they are, and enter ingredients you do or do not wish included in your results. Then click Advanced Search again. Good luck.

    http://www.goneraw.com/search/node/type:forum,recipe dressing -cashew -nut -almond

    PS: My absolute favorite "dressings" are either lime or orange juice, fresh squeezed directly onto the salad at the table.

  • Hey Agnes,

    I don't know if you'd have medicinal herbal teas as they're not strictly raw but for me they're a wonderful addition to the diet. Pau d'arco is such a great anti-fungal tree no fungus grow anywhere around its roots. Taken as tea for a couple of weeks it works miracles on Candida. I usually think a healthy raw diet is enough to help the body heal but sometimes when something is quite out of balance (such as gut flora) then medicinal herbs are just the thing to nudge it back.

    Just a thought anyway :) x

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