of course this would happen...

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I never knew what a persimmon was until I found this site. I knew I had to try one, so I was crazy excited when my grocery store got some in a few weeks ago. They were $1.99 a piece, so I just got one in case I didn't like them. The worker told me that they weren't ripe, so I'd have to wait until it was soft and mushy. Well, a week goes by and it's still hard as a rock. I decided to put it on the deck and let it ripen outside. I felt it getting riper day after day, and yesterday, I was going to dig in. I got home from the gym ready to eat my persimmon, and when I looked outside, I wanted to kill someone. There was a huge fat squirrel devouring my persimmon. He'd eaten half of it! I ran outside and scared him away because I figured I would eat the other half. My step-dad told me that my persimmon could have rabies now and to just go buy a new one. If he only knew how long I'd waited!


  • haha! Sorry to hear. That was nice of you to share.

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    Luluska, I'm so jealous!!

    I'm going grocery shopping today so I'll buy another one if it isn't a rock. I almost bought a cherimoya last week, but when I got to the checkout, it was $7.49!! That is robbery.

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    I finally had a persimmon for the first time this morning. I loved it!!! I let this one ripen for about 2 weeks. It was so soft and VERY sugary. At first, it felt like I just bit into a sugar cube, but then I got used to the taste.

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