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Cilantro Live in Chula Vista

I was just at Cilantro Live in Chula Vista and I noticed they have a new menu. At first I thought it was just more selections but then I saw the word [raw] next to some of the selections and not next to most of them. It turns out they now serve mostly cooked food. There are only a few choices that are still raw. Even the gazpacho is not a raw soup. In case anyone is in that area and wishes to stay raw you have been warned.


  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    What a shame! Raw gazpacho is so easy and delicious…

  • Whoa, that’s a shame. Honestly, I’ve been there once and just thought it was so-so, but maybe I Just didn’t order the right thing. Anyone from SD know if this change goes for the one in Hillcrest too? (I know their website says there’s a new menu for that location..maybe their the only location that is all raw now?) Also, if anyone is from the greater Socal area and looking for a new raw place – 118 Degrees just opened at The Camp in Costa Mesa, and it is AMAZING, I cannot recommend it highly enough!! (Shop118degrees.com),


  • Hi Jenna – the waiter told me the other locations are still all raw. To be sure I would ask them before ordering. I think the reason is because Chula Vista has a very transient and pardon my usage but low quality population. There is a bar right next to Cilantro and there were at least 20 people outside smoking and holding a beer the time before this time that I was there. They simply do not care about health and surely wouldn’t want to pay extra for food that is uncooked.

    As for the new restaurant at the Camp in Costa Mesa, is that a new restaurant or is that to replace the vegetarian restaurant that was there before? I think it was called Native Foods?

  • Ah, i see. That does make a little more sense that the Chula Vista location would not have as much business. As for 118 Degrees – it is not a replacement for Native Foods, that restaurant is still there. 118 is a completely raw restaurant (actually with the exception of gormet coffees and and some organic beers), they have biodynamic wines, extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, and a GREAT atmosphere. Everything I’ve had there has been about the best raw food Ive tasted..and I used to live in LA. Everyone should go! :) Jenna

  • It sounds like you have an investment in that restaurant ;)

  • kauaigirlkauaigirl Raw Newbie

    Wow, is there some kind of conspiracy going on in the SD area? First my fave restaurant, Kung Food’s was closed abruptly under mysterious conditions and now Cilantro’s LIVE is serving cooked food. I did always question the location of Chula Vista but it always seemed busy whenever I was there… hmmmmm….

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    jenna post this on the resteraunt thread too, i cant wait to try it! i wonder if the local group down here knows about it? we are going on a field trip to a resteraunt in orange co in two weeks, this would be closer (i think).

    kuai girl dont think there is a conspiracy just the usual hard to go resteraunt biz as i understand it….cant imagine a worse way to make a living really, with the overhead and all.

  • i was at the Hillcrest location last week and they told me the same thing, that to survive economically in Chula Vista, they added a few non raw items. The other locations are all 100% raw. The Hillcrest location was really nice for me….love the spicy burrito. Great location right on 5th just south of University as well.

  • I had a wonderful meal at the Hillcrest location..Glad to know they haven’t changed it..Yummy stawberry ice cream and coconut ceviche!!!!

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