Anyone else think that the recipe section could be better managed ?

I do love the recipes, but the whole layout and setting of the recipe pages get on my nerves !

Sorry for all the criticism, but I find it really cumbersome to use.

First of all, there should be a search box that searches automatically in the recipes, it's a drag to use advanced search each time.

Whatever happened to that fantastic option where you could check (or uncheck) the kitchen equipment that you need, such as dehydrator and blender ?

Just 5 results on a page of a search ??? You get like a hundred pages with results. Since it's just text, I don't see why there couldn't be 25 results on each page, that wy it would be much easier to get an overview of what you are looking for.

Why are recipe ratings not visible on the search results page ? They would be way more helpful than knowing how many views the recipe got.

Any finally, I do think that the comments should be ordered oldest-to-newest. Usually the comments are like a bit of conversation anyway, and seeing the newest one makes no sense until you have read the oldest one. So, each time you open a recipe page, you have to read from bottom-up !

Once again, sorry for the negativity, but I find it really a pity that it's not easier to navigate through this fantastic collection of recipes !


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Initially, I found searching for a recipe quite cumbersome. But with a bit of practice, the advanced search feature has become one of my favorites. I hope you will find my reply #30 on the "Site Use Tips and Hints" thread helpful. The ability to do an initial search and then keep refining it down to just what you were looking for is fantastic.

    You can still check (highlight) kitchen equipment. They're listed in the Only in the category(s) drop down menu.

    I agree that it would be nice to reverse the comments so the oldest comes first, like in the threads.

    I know it's not a major point, but you said, "Just 5 results on a page . . ." I get ten. Hmmm . . .

    The ratings don't seem to have the same credibility since the upgrade. Check reply #26 for Ray's explanation of how they are currently calculated. I don't remember his saying anything else since this post about it changing.

    I really have come to love the Advanced Search, and feel that with a little practice at refining searches, you will find it to be a good friend.

    Hope this has been helpful.

  • Ya, I definitely think its missing something...

    you should be able to do a quick and dirty search, nothing wrong with the advanced search, its very powerful, but that does not negate the need for a quick and dirty search just for recipes.

    and you got to love the simplicity of the line of text results but something like the link bellow is not just more exciting to look at but its also possible to get a lot more information from a quick scan of a group of pictures then the same amount of time spent reading bland lines of text.

    (of course there is no reason to eliminate the possibility of switching back to the lines of text with a quick click)

    something like this would be great!:

    oh and their quick "pro" or "all" filter selection option is nice, would have to figure out a good way of making the "pro" designation

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I've seen all the tip threads and tried all the creative ways of searching, and it still feels non-intuitive, cumbersome, unsophisticated, and ultimately very frustrating to me. (Not just recipes, searching for anything is annoying, and searching for recipes or posts by user isn't even possible.)

    Sorry, I do appreciate all the work behind the scenes, but I much preferred the previous site's functionality.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I totally agree, especially that a search for replies and recipes by user would be most helpful. I'd also love to be able to search / sort chronologically. For example, if I remember that someone posted a comment in the last month on a subject, I'd like to be able to sort just for responses in the last month OR at least be able to sort chronologically.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the users create the tags. Check it out and see if you can add 811 as a tag.

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