Pine Mouth?! Help!

So I have this nasty bitter taste in my mouth for 3days now. It gets worse whenever I eat. Also had a few bouts of diarrhea. My husband googled my symptoms and found post all over about people having these symptoms afer eating pine nuts most of them had the small ones and alot got them from Trader Joes. Me too! It's so strange. They say that the pine nuts change your taste but It feels more like toxins cuming out through my saliva. This is so strange to me. Has any one experienced this? Any way to get rid of it? Most post say they had it 8days-20 days!


  • I haven't experienced this, but this was on the news where I live yesterday or the day before... It seems that most people who experienced it here did so after eating pine nuts that came from China... I eat pine nuts regularly, and have done so for the past years, and never had a problem... From the comments I read about it, some people said it lasted as short as 3 days, but most 8-15 days (I think because then you replace all your taste buds). Good luck with it, and hope it lasts as short as possible.

  • Thanks. I did read that it was on the news somewhere. I eat pine nuts all the time also and have never experienced this before. From what I read it was mostly from the small pine nuts and that they had went bad. It seems odd that so many are experiencing this at around the same time piriod.

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    Frances, I've experienced that gross taste in my mouth due to thrush. When I had thrush, the inside of my mouth (just the roof) was covered in this white fungus. Do you have a discoloration in your mouth because that might be it. I had to chew gum a lot so I wouldn't be able to taste it.

  • No discoloration. everything taste bitter :(

  • I have had the nasty bitter mouth reaction, I can only describe it as foul acid/aluminium/bad lemon taste! I woke in the night with it about 2 days after eating pine nuts. I checked out this and it does appear to be a reaction to pine nuts occurring generally around 2 days post consumption!

    SO any ideas as to a pine nut alternative in recipes?

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