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I have a few questions. I know there have been very very long hair related posts before. So long in fact, that it's impossible to go and read every post. Also, I am curious what everyone is currently using and doing on/to theirs.

I used to tease my hair now and then, and occasionally still do. It's obviously very damaging pushing on the follicles. Is there something I can do to prevent, or lessen the damage? Glycerin? I'm fairly gentle, but the process is rough regardless. Most of the time it is an unnecessary part of vanity as I have devised volume and puff-inducing methods, but I like the 18th century, New romantic/New Wave, Gothic, 60's and creative styles that sometimes require brutal love. :) Thankfully as I don't use product, I don't have to wash my hair more than once or twice a week, and teasing retains itself well, if cared for. Any thoughts? Also, for mine and others' information, what do you do with and to your hair (natural dyes, blow-dry, styles, hair products {bought and home-made alike})? I know Queen-fluff did or does use salt-water hairspray which I think is very cool. :) (Where is Ms. Fluff?)

I have been meaning to go to Straight-Razors a while now, I do think they would help, and I can't believe I haven't already due to pollution. Anyway, I get irritated by shaving, so sometimes I let it grow out, then shave with the grain, which still hurts and itches, and doesn't give me a close shave (even with using glycerin to soften, which does help a little). My question/wonder is, if there is a way to make the hair thinner, or grow in less, naturally? I don't want to be stubbly or bearded and frankly, employers aren't keen either. Obviously super-sharp razors, steaming, and something to moisturize and soften lessens it, but I've got to find something to slow or thin the hair, or I will have to resort to waxing, if I even can. :/

For being so natural in some ways, I am unnatural in others. I'm still undecided about how I feel when it comes to beards being good or bad for hygeine. I certainly don't like them on me, and people have been shaving for thousands of years... I don't know, is the ability to experience visual dislike unnatural? Wasn't it the Celts who used to dye their hair and use mud for gel? haha :) I am rambling. My apologies.


  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    this is why I am so damn happy I am a girl. I dont ant to even imagine having to shave my face... although if I did I would have to say straight razors are the way to go. Even for the fact that just about all razor companies are owned by the devil so your money wouldnt go to supporting their bullshit! There are raw soaps that are cocoa butter based and really help me with my under arms so that could be an option. I am afraid there is nothing you could do to slow the growth of the hair though. There are products targeted towards women that are full of chemicals but something tells me you would be keen on the idea.

    Waxing......while it may make you want to punch someone in the face due to its pain factor actually does make less hair grow back over time. I grow 1/2 the hair on my legs than I used to. It is due to damaging the hair follicle. Especially where the hair is coarse... enter the face.

    With my hair..... I use Joico. Expensive but worth it. Especially when you damage your hair. Joico has a higher protein % compared to other brands which can in turn break the hair or dry it out so it is best to normally switch on and off with another brand every week. My other brand is Biolage... which is more moisturizing and lacks protein. I finish off and put Alba's Kukui nut oil in due to my dry, naturally curly hair.

    Heh it is so funny.... because if my impression is correct and we live in similar social situations (gothy type people) then it is almost as if our scene doesnt allow for too many 'natural' things. I myself dont worry about using a natural hair coloring (just not ones that test on animals...that means big fat NO to clairol) because my whole life is focused on living natural that I HAVE to allow myself some modern freedom. Henna's don't work in my hair and I cant achieve the color I want. I allow myself this vanity.....

    Are you finding solutions that work for you (I noticed the post was a week or so old!)

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I'm irritated if I do, AND if I don't (shave). I'm eventually going to wax. I'm not worried about the pain, just the maneuvering. I'll figure it out eventually.

    I just use my dr. Bronners bar on my head because it rinses clean, and a natural or homemade conditioner (most often glycerin). I remembered the other day when using some apple cider vinegar on salad, that I used to rinse with cider vinegar because it smoothes down the folicles. So I should use that after back-coming, on those rare occasions.

    It is true, it's not a very natural culture (except in certain romanticisms about the cycle of life).. A good thing about the Gothy types is that they are accepting of vegans and vegetarians usually. :)

    I don't wear make up that often thank god, alot of "natural" make ups cost a lot and come only in generic shades. Anyway, as I had read that Kohl can contain lead if not properly sourced, I've been using dampened activated-charcoal for black (eyeliner) and turmeric for yellow (my most commonly worn colour if I wear anything besides black). The Charcoal is great. The only complaint some might have of Turmeric is that it can leave a yellowish tone in skin the next day depending on how much is used, but with me, it's a small undertone which is only noticed up close, and doesn't bother me anyway. The fact that it is actually good for the skin is a plus. I don't know if you or anyone else is interested, but I thought I would share that.

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