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Raw makes sense!

I put this up on my blog, but I find it so vitally important for anyone and everyone to read and know that I am posting it on here as well.

My blog is www.myreallyrawlife.blogspot.com check it out and follow it if you want :D

here is what I posted... when you look at it all I mean, raw just makes sense.

From a physiological perspective (the way the physical body functions), humans are frugivorous. That is, their natural diet consists of fruit, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables, all eaten raw.

Why you ask (or your family/friends ask)? The humans digestive tract is long, about nine times longer than the body length, suitable to the slow digestion of fruit, nuts and vegetables. A Carnivore's digestive tract is only about three times longer than its body. This enables it to expel toxic rotting flesh from the body quickly, before it putrefies in the digestive tract or intestines.

Digestive Juices - Ptyalin, an enzyme that breaks down starches into sugars, is high in the saliva of the mouth of frugivores and either non-existent or present in very low levels in the saliva of carnivores.

Humans and other Frugivores have weak solutions of acid in the saliva, used to predigest proteins. The acid in a carnivore's saliva is very strong, enabling predigestion to begin in the mouth. The stomach acid of frugivores is weak, compared to carnivores, and is not ideally suited to breaking down of "animal" proteins, in particular, flesh.

Humans do not have teeth suitable to tear raw flesh from an animal, whereas carnivores are adequately equipped to do this, with long strong canine teeth.

Humans do not have claws with which to grasp and rip the flesh off their prey. But our hands are ideally suited to picking fruit!

Think about the two statements above. Any other animal on this earth that eats meat kills it itself. NOT with a gun, a knife, or even a spear (for those that want to go way back when before fire was invented). It will use it's teeth and claws to rip it apart and devour it then. NOT in a couple of weeks by time it reaches the grocery store shelves to be taken back to the pack to be cooked with MSG loaded spices and who knows what else.

The only milk suitable for humans is human mother's milk. Cow's milk is meant for its calves. Goat's milk is meant for the goat kid, horse's milk is suited to foals, Cat's milk is suited to their kittens, and dog's milk is ideally suited for their puppies, while elephant's milk is meant for the elephant calves. I don't see monkeys drinking human milk, cows drinking elephant milk, or giraffes drinking lions milk.

What happens if we eat food that is unsuited to our digestive system? Digestion becomes more difficult or incomplete, which may cause petrifaction in the intestines, a precondition of Toxaemia and consequent disease. Our bodies are too focused on breaking down the meat and unfortunately will spend all it's time on that rather than provided us energy and repairing what needs to be repaired with in our amazing bodies.

Somtimes these facts and having knowledge like this can help keep you raw and also it is nice to have when questions are asked about why you eat they way you eat or why you live the way you live. I hope this helps others like it has helped me!!


  • M42M42

    Hello Ketrin,

    I completely agree with you that a raw diet is the most natural way to eat for humans. However, I also feel that I should point out a few minor weaknesses in what you write. Know though, that I agree with the general concept and that this feedback is meant purely positively, as a means to improve.

    * "Any other animal on this earth that eats meat kills it itself. " That's not true of course, since prehistoric times there have been animals that eat whatever is left by other animals. Vultures, for one.

    * "I don't see monkeys drinking human milk, cows drinking elephant milk, or giraffes drinking lions milk. " I actually agree on this, but just to show this lovely video and to indicate that there's exceptions for everything:

    * Lastly, you seem to have only argued that a vegan diet is makes most sense and is most natural. Of course it is quite logical that a raw diet is more natural (seeing as to how rabbits don't build campfires) but you may want to include why it'd not be better, or maybe change the title to "vegan makes sense!"

    Kind regards,


  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    It itches to reply 8), I will not start a fight I like this forum to much for that and I still find it very interesting and learn a lot from it.

    It goes totally against your beliefs but truth and facts and such (based on my own body's reactions) last night I noticed that the raw-meat I eat almost dissolves in my mouth via my mucus (thats not the right word but naja) so it's almost digested if it get in my stomach really strange, I'm still amazed how a body reacts on food and how much is not known.

    anyway I also like fruit, and I agree with you on milk 8).

  • Without insighting a debate, RawEverything, I've never 'met' someone who eats Raw meat, I'd love to know your views and why you decided on that diet.

    I am sincerely interested.

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    RawEverything- I am also curious. How long now have you eaten raw meat... and in what quantities and how often. I ask on a purely researching basis!

    Have you ever had problems with parasites?


  • M42M42

    It may be a good idea to make a new topic about eating raw meat, seeing the interest for it and to keep it seperated from the raw making sense writing by Ketrin. (Also, the reason you haven't read much about it on this site may be because it says "sharing raw, vegan recipes and advice" at the top of the page).

  • I just copied and added a few things to my post from what I got off of www.30bananasaday.com which is a low fat raw vegan zing site that I am a member of... It was from an article that someone placed on there. & Okay, yes, I get there are buzzards and vultures that eat roadkill... sorry I didn't clarify better. I don't know all the facts, I am just saying this is what I've read and it all makes sense to me, it doesn't have to make sense to YOU, but chances are this information will help someone who comes across it and finds it interesting. That's all I'm about--reaching out to others and maybe making a difference while helping. Have a great weekend everyone!!

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    I noticed on the raw-vegan-diet that I lost strength and I have to eat a LOT of food, that can't be right if a diet is good so I started to search I like the raw idea (it fits my own theories) and one day I bought a little steak tried a little piece (of course very scared of bacteria and such) it feld good. This is the first month that I eat almost only raw meat (raw-meat,fruit,nuts etc). totally I eat about 6 or 7 months some raw meat (as dinner).

    Now I buy the fattest beef I can find (also biological grassfed) I cut the package open and put in in the fridge for about 5 days before i eat it (it becomes dry-er, partly digested and of course the taste improves) then I cut the meat in small pieces and eat it with a little honey or peper or onion or raw-butter. I don't worry that much about bacteria. It's about 600-700 grams of meat a day.

    I also tried sheep but it has a very strong taste. I don't eat pork or chicken (impossible to buy good quality chicken meat around here). The only organ I tried was beef-heart. This week I also tried cooked liver but it has no good taste maybe the raw version is better but it's not in the supermarket. And of course haring (raw dutch fish delicacy).

    I didn't experience any problems with bacteria, food poisoning or parasites (maybe I have them maybe not I don't know, don't care). Once I was very sick but it can also be caused by French-fries.

    It digest really good, my body functions perfect (as far as I know now) teeth feel strong, lot's of muscle, clear brain, enormous stamina and energy. I need about 4 kilo's of meat per week . So far the only problem I see with it is the eating of animals. An other problem is I have to eat raw liver and kidney and stuff (lot's of nutrients and I belief that you should eat the complete animal no waste respect the animal but that needs time 8) ).

  • KittyKitty Raw Newbie

    Well I have lost my appetite for the day.

  • M42M42

    Dear Ketrin, Just for claritication: the criticism wasn't because I disagree with the point of your story. It's just that there are a few parts in it that, in my opinion, could use a little update. That way you'd be able to help other people more too!

    Hallo Wim, I understand that the raw, nonvegan diet is working well for you. I was wondering, in relation to the opening post of this topic, wether you consider that to be a natural way of eating? Of course, a diet doesn't have to be natural (that's how 99% of the world eats, after all), but I was just curious. Has evlution adapted the human body to eating (raw) meat?

    Greetings / groeten,


  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    I don't know what the right or natural food for humans is (and I think there is no one on earth who can say that) but I still find it very curious that my body reacts so easy and well on raw-meat. If you type raw meat in google the next link you die of food poisoning or something, thats clearly not true you can even eat partly rotten meat without problems. It's really strange but I do think that the problem is in heating animal protein/fat and of course the bio industry and procesed foods.

    I think that humans are largely raw-meat eaters it's relatively easy to get enough food (calories) of a hunted animal but it's nearly impossible to get enough calories from greens and fruit in a survival or prehistoric environment. It's only doable with the current technology and massive transportation to live on mainly greens and fruit. But then again if every one on earth eats raw meat we need 3-6 times more earth it's not a sustainable food source (the only one I think comes close is SAD and vegetarian).

    So much to learn.

    p.s. sorry kitty 8).

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