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a friend needs help retreat/ or pain managment center?

omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

I have a friend who has been through the ringer with traditional western medicine. Currently is addicted to vicaden, and had a go round with oxycodone. He is 6 years into a life with severe continual pain.( bad, bad, bad motorcycle accident) Not one to stray far from the conventional path but at the end of his rope and the end of the line with insurance and meds….anyone know of an affordable center for pain management that is holistic, healthy and really effective? I would just like to forward him a link…he is not someone whos mind i can change. But has to come to things in his own way…his biggest concerns are, cost, effectiveness and wanting to be treated with empathy ( his current doctor rolls her eyes at him) He is not an easy person and after 6 years of it i might be tempted to roll my eyes too =) that being said though he is young(39y.o.) he could find help and have some quality of life left! thanks in advance.


  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Omshanti! I feel for your friend! If people have any info – please post. I’d have him try a few things to help even though I don’t have a good recommendation for a pain management center. Orange peel is supposed to alleviate pain- try in cookies or smoothies. Gamma amino butric acid is supposed to help- a supplement. Also have him take melatonin to help him sleep better. MSM is also good. I hope this helps!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    thanks WE not a fun subject but i figured everyone here has had some experience with either pain, addiction or food as treatment! ill forward this info to him and see what happens…thanks!

  • There is also the wonderfully delicious and nutritious date which is a great pain reliever (I’m thinking something along a pie or cookies?? ya know stuff guys like to eat..) There’s also the notion that working with animals (ehm…ehm..horses are GREAT for that) that is supposed to help with overcoming pain and changing the person’s attitude and outlook.. Sorry Omshanti I also don’t know of any holistic places to refer him too but I hope that he can find something that helps.. I remember living daily with pain and it’s not really living.. more like just getting by.. Good luck!!! K-Mom

  • im going to this retreat next week.. http://www.bodymindretreats.com/

    their site says they specialize in chronic conditions. Ive never been, and dont know anyone that has, so i cant recommend them one way or another, but of all the retreats i looked at for myself, this one kind of stood out, and the people ive talked to there have been really really nice.

    Massage therapy might also help – again, i have no personal experience, but my mom practices and ive seen some amazing results with some of her clients as far as pain relief goes.

    I wish you and your friend the best of luck. Pain is such a difficult thing. {hugs}

  • In India www.naturelifehospital.org I seen my fellow cancer patiant had a secondary growth in one of her breast which was removed years back. She was suffering from pain and totally on pain killers. After a months treatment (raw food fasting) she was doing well without any pain killers. I remember one special juice she was given. Wheat Grass on the 7th day was juiced.Take seven earthen pots, add wheat to one a day and sprout it. Repeat till one week by the time the first one will be ready.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    thanks everyone. Send good thoughts san diego way, heres hopeing he’ll act on some really nice advice…. kmom he did get himself a little dog and she does wonders for his day to day. His first dog since childhood! of course my hope that it would get him outside and into the sun where dashed as he litter box trained her!!! hahahaha ah well, he cant stand or walk for long so this is still a good thing. He is a childhood friend, i want to see him happy again, with out drugs if possible. His surgeon reccomended another surgery, and a 9 month layup time, this would have been his third to repair the damamge done in the wreck( it was a gruesome wreck on the race track, i was there, it was the worst day of my life!) the catch being that he may very well wake up paralyzed but with a stable spinal column. He is slowy stooping now. he has opted out of that as the last surgery took 18 hours and failed to stabilize the breaks. ( with rods and pins no less) with good thoughts and prayers he may make this step for himself

  • Love4LifeLove4Life Raw Newbie

    I saw this and thought i’d jot down a site that might be able to help… i’m far far from an expert and i still have a long way to go myself, but i really felt the need to give the site, hope your friend feels better soon! the site is www.godsherbs.com I found the site about four years ago, have tried some of his herbs, and when money gets less tight for me i will be doing his detox program. God Bless christina

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