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Kale chips

Hi id like a plain kale chip recipe. Something that has no nuts involved in it. How would plain kale dehydrated taste like?

I dont have a dehydrater ,but if someone tried it, how is it?!!!!


  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    Greetings.... You could do all sorts of things to make great kale snacks. Even just tossing the leaves in 4:1 ratio of coconut vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) and flax oil a dash of pink salt and some cracked pepper..... or nutritional yeast. Something super basic... almost like a plain potato chip. They dehydrate perfectly fine and dont need any nuts if you dont want. They are typically there when people are looking for a more cheesy flavor. Oooohhh...you could even toss in a little red pepper to make it spicy!

    Hope that helps at all.



  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    renee oswald has a really nice kale chip recipe on her website. she does use seeds however i really like her idea of blending capsicum and celery and uses them to coat the kale with flavour. i havent tried the recipe without the seeds but i think it could work. i did do some salt kale chips for a friend and whilst she liked them (she doesnt like any spices) i found them really plain. nutritional yeast is great with kale chips.

  • I make my kale chips using only olive oil and salt, they turn out great. I will have to try putting nooch on them..

  • There's a small Irish company called Natasha's Living Food who make really nice kale chips. I forget all the ingredients but there's tomato, tamari, lemon juice and nutritional yeast in there anyway. So good!

  • I've chopped up kale into smaller pieces and taken out the larger stems, dehydrated and then run through the food processor. I store this in containers and sprinkle them over stuf when I want a bit of oomf and interest. Quite nice. Love the smell when I open the container. :)

  • MMMM sounds good!!!! I want to try it, I heard that nutritional yeast isnt raw. Is it true?

  • That's true nutritional yeast is not raw, I use it in my chips


  • if you're okay with using a little nutritional yeast, there's a nut free kale chip recipe that tastes exactly like those spicy cheetos ahahah its weird but when i tried it for the first time i finally realized that's what they taste like

    basically coat your kales leaves (a good, big bunch) with the mixture of:

    almost 1/4 cup olive oil

    handful of nutritional yeast

    a generous teaspoon or so of cayenne pepper

    another good teaspoon of salt

    juice of a lemon

    then dehydrate until crisp and delicious!

  • MMM its sounds so yummy, Is there anything else I can use besides nutrition yeast?

  • I wonder if coconut flakes would be too overpowering.....

  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    i just tried lime and chilli and it was yummy. i did it over a friend's place and we used her oven with the door open and it worked easy. so Sweet you can try it even without a dehydrator cos kale dehydrates easily.

  • Thanks mabey I will try it. What is the lowest temp in the oven? and what temp will kill the enzymes?

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