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non raw spouse

WeazelchefWeazelchef Raw Newbie

Anyone living with a non-raw spouse? We are on a budget and i have to buy produce for my daughter and i every few days but cooked foods for him(which i cook). It’s getting expensive and frustrating. Anyone there with me?


  • I hear you momma! Its really tough. Sometimes I dont know if differences in food beliefs can be reconciled and I dont WANT TO COOK!!! I want to light my food with love! I can only sympathize..anyone else have tips please help us..

  • Weazelchef and ambikalee, I try to do a lot of “shared” meals. For example, I make a Thai noodle dish where I make a really great almond butter sauce and throw sauce and fresh veggies on udon noodles for the family and zucchini noodles for me. OR Do tostadas; fresh guac, pico and corn on flax crackers for me (cooked tostadas and beans for them). OR Big plate of kale salad for me. Kale salad and a veggie chicken pattie (15 minutes in the oven) for them. One night, I just said, we’re doing raw tonight! Made the executive decision, no one complained:) How can you really complain when someone else is doing the work! Its also good to just go out to dinner, crazy, I know! But, you go to Jason’s Deli or Souper Salad or anywhere with a great salad bar and everyone is happy! Good luck:)

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Me and my husband are on totally oppposites sides. Gosh, I can’t even get him to touch a veggie! LOL! But at the same time, he is my biggest supporter of my lifestyle and he always tells me how prowd he is of me, and he’s constantly going around bragging to everyone about my eating habits… so in return all I can do is make him as happy as I can by cooking what he likes. So although I wish I could get him to eat healthier, I’m still happy because I know that he’s happy. Maybe one day he’ll come around… ;-)

    And I feel ya on the “getting expensive” part. Yeah, fresh produce costs a lot but you know, so does good meat!

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Heh, it’s funny, my husband still eats cooked but all the cooked stuff he eats is cheap stuff (grains and such) and slowly gets more an more sparse! It’s amazing, he seemed uninterested at first, but now he’s actually a vegan (weekday vegan, he’ll splurge if given the chance) and striving to be a fruitarian! They can surprise you sometimes…

  • My wife she eat evrything cooked, I respect her choice , I just try to introduce more fruit, vegetables, salads, smoothies and superfood in her diet, even if she keeps eating cooked food her health improved a lot since I introduced more fruit and green in her diet.

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    My husband is a meat-and-potatoes guy. He doesn’t touch salad and most veggies, unless they are cooked to a fare-thee-well. BUT (alas!) he tried my green smoothies and loves them!! I make them by the half gallon and he drinks half. He said that he feels better when he drinks them. Also, he loves the almond milk I make. SO, there’s hope for him yet. Baby steps.

    For the smoothies, I started out making fruit smoothies. Everyone loves them. Then, I started drinking green ones. He was hesitant at first, but I convinced him to try drinking one a day for a week. He reluctantly did and is better for it. :-) For the almond milk, I plan to slowly replace his cow milk with the almond. (I don’t know what I’ll do though, once almonds are no longer raw.) He drinks soooo much milk and wonders why he’s often tired and has phlegm.

  • It was my wife who persuaded me to naturopathy and raw food as a cure to psoriatic arthritis. She likes fish fry, chicken curry,beef,prawns etc.But she relegeously makes tasty rawfoods for me,and very proud about my fruitarianism, she preaches others about my determination, and quotes me as an example.She is very happy about the change in my life,and improved health. I respect her choice and never try to change her choice.Some times i prepare delecious non-vegetarian food for her, she likes my cooking.She has an indepth knowledge of raw food diets,and is my biggest supporter to raw food.The influence i noticed is she started eating more cooked vegetables. Our 4yr old daughter will always ask for her share of juice or salad when i am eating. Let she make her own choice when she grows up. My wife’s only complaint is, i am not there to eat and comment what she cooks. (My foods requires only cutting). Some of her friends comment her that “You are lucky to have lot of spare time as you don’t have to cook for your hus” she replies “let God doesn’t give that luck to any one” refering my previous health condition. So we fill the blanks for each other as most of my fellow friends wrote here before.

  • rawqatar

    i’ve been raw for the past two months and I have become very interested in fruitarianism, do you have any tips or advice for? =)

  • Hey RD,I don’t recommend only eating raw fruits, Even though i did it for quite long time.We need to eat Raw vegetables, leaves, Sprouts etc. to keep the right balance.But if you have a health issue, going fruitarian for a month or two will not create any harm, and it will be the best choice for your health. My present routine is fruits for break fast and dinner, Salads, sprouts and nuts for lunch.Some times i interchange between lunch and dinner. It works well with me. Read the book Fit for Life by Diamonds. Taking care of right combination of fruits is benificial.I will post a link to the food combinations later. In breif don’t mix alkaline and acidic fruits as they nuitralizes during digestion,in other words don’t mix sweet (banana,dates,jackfruit,Apple,Mango,Chicoo) with Citrous(Orange,Pinapple,Grape fruit,Grapes).You don’t have to biheart the combinations, your mouth is the natural advisor, try eating a dates while drinking orange juice, you will not feel to eat.when eating fruits don’t eat any thing else together.as fruits requires minimum or no digestion in stomach, other foods need longer process in stomach.Ask for more clarifications. RQ

  • i have the same problem. make him cook for himself and focus on yourself and your beautiful daughter.. if he objects, explain to him the reasons why you have stopped cooking for him, and tell him why your diet is better than his. tough love works.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    My hubby is very supportive but isnt on this path for himself, so i fix my food as a side dish for him, I have no problem cooking his favorite foods as long as i can get organic, quality meats for him. It isnt cheap but i dont find it any more expensive than buying prepared , prossesed foods.( cereal: 5 bucks a box! ugh) If i want him to try a raw meal I fix one of the more “friendy” ones like italian or mexican, he isnt a fan of the burgers but loves lettuce shell tacos, he even likes green smoothies and almost every desssert ive fixed. Maybe go that route….lots of desserts to win him over! =) as for expense try farmers markets and asian markets for good prices on veggies or even a veggie coop. for his needs shop smart and final,costco ect. i find standard grocery stores to be really rediculous. I dont shop them any more! I buy meat in very small quantities, since i have to shops so frequently for myself Ill buy one chicken breast or a piece of fish for him that day to fix that night. in the summer i grill, in the winter its the crock pot saves me a ton of time on his meals! good luck

  • Even though I am going raw and hope to be 100% in the days following my daugther’s birth, my husband isn’t and doesn’t have any plans to be more than 40-50% raw.. He was blessed with an AMAZING metabolism and has trouble gaining even a pound. But he is my biggest supporter and is usually willing to try any raw recipes or treats that I make. I guess the easy thing for me is that he is completely concerned about my health and happiness and encourages me to do what I feel is the best for me. He also doesn’t ask me to make anything fancy for him (He can easily be happy with some fresh yogurt, fruit and bread for a meal). But I totally agree on the expensive aspect of being raw with a non raw spouse.. A suggestion would be to try to cook something big so that you have leftovers for another night.. One thing that might be useful is have a “Toss-it-yourself Salad Night”: basically give everyone a base salad and set out toppings (grilled chicken strips, cheese, veggies, etc) and let them make the salad the way they want while giving you the oppertunity to have a raw dinner yourself..

  • I agree that it is expensieve, but the other side, i didn’t spend a penny on medicines, doctors and tests. The happyness we achieved is priceless.—RQ

  • KM, I love olives, it’s difficult to buy sun dried olives in Qatar. But i have friends from all over the middle east and meditaranian.Do you know any country in middle east where sun dried or natural olives are available?

  • Wow I know that the ones we get here are pretty natural (they usually have some dirt on them meaning they weren’t washed or anything) and from what I know they are organic. Usually the ones we get from Iran are the best but I’ve seen some nice ones from Saudi as well. I can understand about the olives.. it’s hard to get organic/natural olives here too. I did find one source that were untreated olives in salt water but since I’m on a salt-free diet right now I haven’t given them much thought.

  • Thanks OM I made up a flexible weekly menu with shared prep and themes so that I could work it out easier. Gonna give it a go! Love and light to all!

  • Yeah…the hubby end. Mine knows I am celiac and brings home all the gluten foods I can’t have and eats them right in front of me …..it kill’s me that I have told him over and over …it makes me cave in. I don’t have the best control over my eating when it is in front of my face like that. I feel like he doesn’t care about me or my wanting to heal and feel well. My kiddos ; I have been trying so hard to transition them and their fine until he gives them the sad foods; bringing home pizza’s and junk. I need a way to get across to him…..anyone have any advice or been /going through this? Missa(mom to aaron,8-Ian,6-Isaac,6-Miavanna(mia),4…and coming soon ..Noah)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Well, I’m pretty picky about my fruits and veggies… so for those, may I recommend… that if the fruit/veggies are borderline too-ripe or just on the brink of about-to-go-bad (but still edible). Cook them instead and serve those… while you eat the fresher foods.

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