The BEST overall sprouts to sprizzout?

So far i have been doing buckwheat and quinoa, super easy and cheap.

As far as most digestible, most nutritious and preferably easy and cheap, what else do you fine people suggest?

Oh and also, I will be soon starting alfalfa sprouts when i get some stuff in the mail. And i tried sunflower seeds, ya all good and great but what a pain it is to pick all of the skins out. Same with almonds, very cute but come on, if i want some quickies i am not gonna sit there for 20 minutes and peel everyday. I am looking for convenience i guess.

So besides all this.. whadda ya got


  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    Lentil, chickpea, and fenugrek! They are all easy! Chickpeas are high in calories(every raw foodist could use more calories from less sugary sources), calcium, iron and trace mineras. Fenugrek and red clover are the most beneficial to females. Broccoli sprouts are one of the MOST nutritional per pound, and cancer-fighting. I live mainly on sprouts! its cheap(all you need is seeds, filtered water, and a jar!) and nutritional. Read Sproutman's book or check out

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie


    The taste is a little strong to eat them on their own, but I like them in a salad. Also, they are cheap and couldn't be easier to sprout!

  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    Lentils sure are strong! I don't sprout them anymore unless I plain to let them marinate in braggs.

    I'm so in love with fenugreek sprouts- they're sooooooooo good!

    Right now I'm sprouting mung beans. I'm going to dehydrate them this time and grind into a powder..I forgot who suggested that to me.

    I too love broccoli and alfalfa.

    I plan to sprout garbanzo beans, I've never sprouted them- only soaked them

  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

    Mung beans are good. They're cheap, go well with any vegetables or greens, and have a nice texture. I like to have some sprouted buckwheat handy whenever I can though! Sprouted nuts are nice every once in a while too.

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