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Do you drink alcohol?

Hey all you lovely veggie-lovers! I just wanted to do a quick survey of what percentage of raw vegans drink alcohol and if they do why, if not, why not. For simplicity's sake, I ask that you reply in the following format. Please note that I do not include kombucha as an alcoholic beverage. If you have any additional comments I'd love to read them below the questions. Thanks and here's to your health!

1. Do you drink alcohol and if so how frequently in a month?

2. Why do you choose to drink alcohol or chose to abstain from alcohol?


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    1. no alcohol

    2. i was not using it very well and actually used the raw diet as a way to stop drinking. i went back to drinking it once and my pain increased a lot. so it's not right for me.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    1. nope

    2. i just don't see the point in compromising my health for something that tastes so bad.

  • KittyKitty Raw Newbie

    1. yes, wine only - maybe 2 or 3 glasses of wine a month and normally only when we go out to eat.

    2. I love wine, i look at it as a luxury and really appreciate the tastes when I do have it. I dont feel bad at all for drinking a glass. Hard alcohol on the other hand, I have always disliked so i'm never tempted to have it.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    1. no

    2. a. I'm a minor

    b. tastes bad

    c. bad for your health, don't ever plan on starting it

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    1. Not enough to count.

    2. I think it can be medicinal in small amounts on occasion. I've never drank much, but I see nothing wrong with moderation if someone else does wish to. Once in a while a glass of wine can taste or feel refreshing to me. It's a bit of a tonic, and I have old fashioned views on it.

  • i will copy everything kitty said because i feel exactley the same way :).

    cheers kitty.

    1. yes, wine only - maybe 2 or 3 glasses of wine a month and normally only when we go out to eat.

    2. I love wine, i look at it as a luxury and really appreciate the tastes when I do have it. I dont feel bad at all for drinking a glass. Hard alcohol on the other hand, I have always disliked so i'm never tempted to have it.

  • 1. Yes, although I find as I eat a cleaner diet, I feel less inclined to drink alcohol and the frequency has fallen quite a bit.

    2. I think it can be a nice way to relax every once in awhile, and is a common social activity with friends.

  • Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of your comments... This is proving to be a very interesting topic I would say :-)

    Here's my own response, in case any of you are wondering why I posted this forum:

    1. Wanted to abstain for all of 2010, but have found a few social occasions where I felt more comfortable drinking rather than not. These were: having a champagne cheer with my family when we found out my sister was pregnant and wine with dinner when I met my boyfriend's parents for the first time.

    2. I believe that there are both health benefits and risks to drinking and I am weighing these out as well as the social aspect of it. I say this very conservatively, but some moments can be just that more special with something to cheers with. For example, my parents bough a bottle of wine for each of their childrens' weddings from the year they were born, so there is a bottle of '86 waiting for my wedding reception.

  • 1) Nope, never have, may try it if I feel inclined to do so.

    2) Compared to other drugs, it is pretty useless and harmful. Just because of it's legal status, the general consensus is that it is okay in moderation, but if I were to bring up something like MDMA in that context, people would reject it. Meanwhile, MDMA has very little potential for addiction, very low risk of bodily harm if used properly, and it actually serves a great purpose (who would choose to dull his or her mind for a few hours over feeling intense love and empathy that can be carried on and applied long after the experience?). There are hundreds of psychoactive drugs that are less harmful than alcohol. All major psychedelics (mescaline, LSD, psilocybin, DMT), for instance, have killed absolutely nobody in the long history of their use. They open the mind, shift perspectives, and bring about incredibly positive changes in their users. They are only illegal because the guys making the rules want you to stay stupid, live in your ego and stop questioning. They even made DMT a schedule I drug! DMT is present in more plants and animals than not. You release a huge quantity (much larger than a recreational dose) every time you sleep. Such a stupid, paranoid thing to ban.

    I'm curious, have any of you considered this? Those of you who admittedly drink alcohol, especially.

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    1. No I don't drink alcohol (I think the last time I drank any alcohol was 10 years ago!)

    2. I personally don't like the taste and how it alters my personality

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I agree alexa.

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    1. Yes. I go through cycles where I might have a few glasses of red wine every week, then weeks or months of no alcohol just because I don't want any, or anywhere in between.

    2. I think there are some benefits to alcohol, red wine in particular. It's another good source of antioxidants and resveratrol. Mostly, though, I just consider it a little indulgence that won't do me too much harm if I'm living well otherwise.

    I also have to admit that, sometimes, there's something very relaxing about hanging out on the back porch on a summer evening catching the last rays of sun and enjoying a gluten-free beer. ;)

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    I don't usually drink, but once every 6 months I go meet my friends at an old dive and get drunk on sex on the beach shooters.

    I doesn't take much! Usually 3 or 4.

    In between these occasions I don't drink at all.

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    1. No

    2. B/c as I changed my diet I started feeling worse and worse after a night of drinking so it became less desirable. Haven't drank in probably 2 years. Before that I started slowing down and eventually stopped.

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    1. Yes, 1-2 glasses of wine a month at most (many months, nothing)

    2. I love the taste, enjoy having a drink with friends once in a while, and it has some health benefits. Plus, I don't think wine is that bad for you in moderation- it is natural.

    I remember a thread some months ago about whether wine is raw or not- many people said it was, although I don't know.

    Raw swede- I agree that some moments are special and you want to toast to them. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

    Good argument, Alexa.

  • I do drink, on occasion. It is always for a social event. I don't really feel a need to drink, but sometimes I just want to fit in. when your a raw vegan who is surrounded by meat eater you can feel isolated.

    I would say 2 glasses of red wine a month.

    but when I feel naughty, its tequila.

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    1. No, although I was once a fairly prolific and knowledgeable consumer of wine.

    2. It's poison. More people die of alcohol abuse than of illegal drug abuse. If it were invented today, it would not be legalised. Since changing my diet, I did not like how it made me feel, so I stopped completely. Since stopping, I am more relaxed, sociable and outgoing than I was when drinking.

  • Butterfly3588Butterfly3588 Raw Newbie

    I pretty much agree with Jferringer. Every once in a while, i can go for a beer or a glass of wine but the better i eat the more i am losing the taste for it. It is not necessary for me to have so i might as well try not to have it for health reasons. But at the same time i don't hold myself prisoner to a strict regimen if i do want to have a drink once in a while.

  • M42M42

    Hello Ida,

    I don't drink alcohol but it's not very hard for me because I never really liked it that much. I don't because I think it's not the most optimal way of eating/drinking.

    In my opinion, it's like other exceptions to the diet: every step towards a raw vegan diet will be an improvement for your health and energy. Optimally you'd be 100% strict raw vegan, but if you find it much easier being 90% raw you can choose to; it's still much better than most other ways of eating.

    The same goes for alcohol (though I'd say a glass of beer/wine is a bit more unhealthy than a slice of bread). Optimally, you don't drink it, but if you're much happier drinking a few glasses each month you can choose to.

    I prefer to try and follow the diet perfectly and for me that's easy in the case of alcohol.



  • hashbaskethashbasket Raw Newbie
    edited September 2022

    1. I drink very rarely, maybe once every few months. Mostly it can be a good beer or a good wine when we get together with friends. But it has to be something expensive. The cheap stuff doesn't interest me. They taste lousy, and it's hard to call it real alcohol=) 2. I used to drink the same way, I appreciate expensive varieties, but I don't think I need it and I always check the amount I've drunk at https://learningtohomebrew.com/how-much-alcohol-is-in-beer-abv-list-by-brand-brewery-style/. I equate expensive alcohol with delicacies - it doesn't have to be frequent.

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