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Raw Vegi VS Raw Fruiti?

writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

Hi! Has anyone gone totally raw vegi- as in low glycemic? Has anyone tried both- totally vegi only and also a lot of fruit at different times? I am wondering about this because I just heard about\ experienced the low glycemic diet for a few days and had major detox symptoms. Then when I ate a couple of oranges I didn’t feel better but got a seering headache. Then today I had a pear, an apple, and a half banana and had some stomach issues. I was leaning toward the idea that fruit was the most natural food but now I’m not sure.


  • I think the angle Victoria Boutenko has is great. She states that chimpances eat almost 50% leafy greens and not just fruit. This is backed by research by Jane Godall. Eating only fruit makes me feel strange and I only greens is just to much for me. I do a lot of green smoothies with a 50/50 mix and for me its ideal.

  • Every person should use common sense, we all need fats, sugars, greens in equal amount, we need to try to balance, many rawist and vegan fail with their diet because they are too extreme and don’t have any knowledge of food composition, I know of people stuffing their face with proteins because they think to not get enough proteins from the diet when in reality they eat around 100grams of protein a day. I recommend everybody before starting any extreme and drastic diet to buy a good book about food composition. You will find amazing facts like for example one handful of goji berry will give you daily 100% RDA of vitamin A, on handful of raw almonds will give you enough vitamin E etc etc

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    writeeternity you say you were leaning toward fruit being the most natural food…it is the most over bred and hybridised food though you know, so the fruit we eat now isn’t that “natural”, or much akin to it’s original wild state.

    I read somewhere, I think in Wikkapedia, that todays apples are 100 times sweeter than they were 200 years ago. Bananas are meant to have big black seeds in them and not be that sweet too.

    I wonder if it effects our bodies in a bad way. I haven’t noticed any bad effects from eating lots of fruit myself, but I do wonder about the hybridised issue.

    Juliano and his restaurant won’t use the more hybridised fruits because of this issue.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I think what writeeternity means by “the most natural food” is that it is most natural to us, as humans, to eat. Nothing is in its natural form anymore, which is extremely unfortunate. Everything was cultivated and hybridised and violated. It is very sad indeed. I do wish one of these days to be able to grow my own food, not having to rely on commercial farming. And as for eating a low-glycemic diet… In my opinion, if you feel thrown off balance by too many high-glycemic fruit, it’s a good idea to even them out with greens… But don’t cram anything into yourself if you feel you don’t need it. There are some days I will crave some greens and feel complete when I have them, and some days it’s just a bitter nuisance I want nothing to do with. Writeeternity… Since this is only the beginning, I would think detox symptoms would be a good thing, and not something you should be worried about… Am I wrong?

  • Yes, I do. I was totally on raw fruits, some days raw vegitables for one meal,sprouts two or 3 times a week.One day a week water fasting.I continued 14 months. I havent ate any thing boiled, or processed. I found my energy level increasing everyday. Then i started eating cooked vegan food for a meal for 5 months, i was over loaded in job and home, i noticed my old problems r coming back slowly. Since one month i stoped all the cooked food and back to the first routine. Last ten days i realise my energy level is going high. I seldom make recipes. I eat one or two types of fruits at a time.When i eat veg i make a salad. Its very easy.Mostly i go for seasonal fruits. Todays menu b/f chikkoo and small indian banana. lunch turkish grapes and Mangostien For dinner i thought of salad and passion fruit veg juice, but due to the long time for preparation i decided to eat 5mangos from Pakistan. I am planing to fast tomarrow.I eat variety of fruits and vegetables, almost every thing available here.

    Surely fruits are the default food for humans, i never faced any problems.Feeling the energy and joy of life.I thank almighty for giving me wisdom. Please take care of food combinations when eating any food, i mean acidic,alkaline, protien,starch etc., for more info read Fit for Life by Harvy Diamonds.

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