Flat Top Grill?

I’m going out to eat with a friend and the only place I could think of to suggest was flat top. I was thinking maybe I could get the raw veggies and ask for the salad and put them on top.. Has anyone been to Flat Top since going Raw?

It is so hard to eat out with friends when living the Raw Lifestyle, not saying I don’t want to be raw I just wish more restaurants would serve raw food, but I guess that will come 20 + years down the line.

Maybe I can open a raw restaurant where I live. LOL



  • that would be fine I think. I remember seeing on the card they have with suggestions to have a chicken salad, only cooking the chicken. I’m sure they would be very flexible. They are always good about asking if you have allergies or food restrictions. I think that would be a good choice or sometimes nice steakhouses have good salads.

  • I don’t know what area you live in, but after going raw, I have eaten at the Cheesecake Factory, and they had a few great salads that were raw, and had some nice flavor combinations. They have Vietnamese lettuce wraps that you can get without the chicken, and they have smoothies, some of which I think have no added sugar. And under desserts, they have goblets of fresh strawberries!

  • Thanks Sabriya.

    I went to Cheesecake factory not to long ago and got a raw salad but then I had them add avocado to it and it was really good. I didnt’ think to look at the smoothies darn. Oh well.


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