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An Addictive raw food:o

I gave in a again!!! A whole bag of dehydrated buckwheat:S Everytime I dont eat it for 2 days my body keeps telling me i want more:/ I feel bad after eating 350 gram of dehydrated buckwheat in a day. Will I get fat? :o I dont have anything else in my diet only fruit, and tomatoe. Theres something in the buckwheat that gives me a satisfying feeling and there seems to be something in it , its almost like a drug and addicitive, mabey I need amino acids or magnesium or something. Im trying to figure it out. I try and not eat the buckwheat again, but i feel I need it all the time:/ Am I the only one that can go through a whole bag of buckwheat in a day:S I feel bad, thinking its a bad food or something. But I love it so much and I dont want it anymore. I wish I can get some real food in my body im getting fed up of sweet fruits all the time, its just water:( I dont want to remove the fruit from my diet but i need some other low fat raw food to fill me up and feel more satisfied. Any help please!



  • what should I do or add in my diet, or should i still eat the buckwheat?im worried about the calories in the bag. Its about 1000 calories in one bag:( i thought that eating raw you dont have to count calories, is it good calories and will it make me fat? i worry about the carbs too:( and I only eat fruit with it.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    The fact that you can eat an entire bag, 1000 calories worth says that you are not eating enough from sweet fruit. Get rid of the buckwheat and eat more fruit!



  • Ill try and eat more fruit, But i dont know if I can eat so much fruit. I dont really like sweet fruit like bananas , and dates. they are just too sweet and my teeth are sensitive. I sort of get fed up of only eating fruit:S I want something different than that, but i will still eat fruit.

  • YES, I agree, Swayze. Sweet, any time you feel like you want buckwheat, stuff yourself silly with fruit! :) Supplementing your diet with greens (romaine, kale, swiss chard, spinach, etc.) and getting plenty of exercise, and sunshine will do wonders, too!

  • What happenes if I eat only buckwheat like a bag a day. Am I most likely to gain weight? Is buckwheat better than eating a whole bag of nuts?

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Dont go cold turkey or you will fail. I would gradually lower the amount maybe 100 calories every 3-4 days or faster if you can handle it. If you need more calories why not eat nuts and seeds?

  • the thing is with the buckwheat ,i dont get satisfied with just a little handful of dehydrated buckwheat , i need to eat at least a half a bag, im scared to eat nuts or seeds, because it is high fat and i dont want to over do it. before i went raw i think i ate better, i used to eat lentils cooked, ezikiel bread, kidney beans, rice and i always ate boiled veggies and ate fresh fruit. now that im 100% raw i overdo eating one single thing beacuse its the only thing raw thats fast to eat. im also scared to eat flaxcrackers even though i like it, just because i can eat the whole container, i noticed on raw i would have to eat a whole bag of buckwheat , then i feel drowsy:S

  • im just looking for a raw food that doesnt have sugar or isnt sweet, so buckwheat seems to be good. i bought these mung bean seeds by mumms, they didnt soak well some seeds were hard so i gave up and threw them in the garbage. its really hard:( even more harder than to take a pot and boil some lentils or veggies. but i dont want to go back to eating cooked.

  • I feel so bad, because iether i eat alot of dehydrated foods i like i always feel sluggish and drowsy. but when i have just fruit i feel more alive but still crave that dehydrated food i like. It really is hard. I dont know what i want

  • My guess- either you are not getting enough calories or you are missing some nutrient. All the suggestions sound good- try eating more fruit and greens. Or have some nuts and seeds. You shouldn't gorge yourself on fat, but don't be fearful of some added fat. Either can be taken to the extreme. It sounds like you may be too afraid of added fat (just a guess).

    You could also go back to high raw for a while? I know you mentioned you don't want to "go back to cooked food." If you are eating some healthy cooked food, and you feel healthier that would be better (imo) than being miserable and constantly feeling like eating an entire bag of buckwheat. Not that SOME buckwheat is bad.

    It is of course, up to you which style of eating you take up. You need to do what works best for you. You may want to consider somethings that have come up in your post (if you don't mind some gentle observations):

    You seem very worried that food will make you fat? Are you too worried about your weight?

    You seem fed up with mostly eating fruit? Then why do you feel the need to keep trying to eat high fruit/ low fat if it seems (from reading your posts) that you don't enjoy it and leaves your unsatisfied? You felt you where healthier before raw? If so, why are you convinced (it seems to me) that going back to adding a little cooked yet healthy food is bad?

    These are just some questions you may want to ask yourself. You don't owe ME an explaination. You have to do what works for you. I'm not trying to convince you to NOT eat high fruit/low fat raw, or 100% raw. But, you just don't sound happy with your diet choice.

    Also remember- it isn't all or nothing. You can have some cooked food, but eat mostly high raw. You can have some added fat (nuts, seeds) but still eat mostly fruit and greens.

    It is, of course, up to you.

  • Honestly I love raw food and its been 2 years i havnt eaten a cooked meal, I dont want to eat the cooked food, such as cooked lentils. Because people say it is dead food and has no nutrients. I wouldnt mind eating a whole bag of buckwheat a day but i would certainly feel bad afterwards, thinking that food will make me fat. Mabey I should make some fresh sprouts. I eat the buckwheat because it is gluten free, and im looking for other things gluten free. And yes i am afraid to eat added fats such as almonds. People say not to mix fruit and nuts why?

  • "People say not to mix fruit and nuts why?" Some people do not digest fruit and nuts at the same time well. As far as food combining idea- it's not a good idea. But, that doesn't mean that you will have a problem with it. I can combine fruit and nuts and have absolutely no problem with it. The best way to tell is to try it for yourself. If you feel "icky" or bloated- no nuts and fruit for you.

    Honest- don't go just by what people say. Try it for yourself to see if it does or doesn't work for you.

    "I dont want to eat the cooked food, such as cooked lentils. Because people say it is dead food and has no nutrients." Yes, there are some people who believe cooked food is "dead" food and has no nutrients. I believe the problem with most cooked food is that it's overprocessed and has lost it's nutrients because of it. If all cooked food had no nutrients there would be a lot of dead people to be honest with you (including you and I because neither of us followed a raw diet from infanthood). There is simply no science to back up the claim that there are no nutrients in cooked food. I'm not suggesting that your best choice would be to eat cooked, but just questioning your reason to NOT eat any cooked food because of those claims.

    IF 100% raw makes you healthier and happier- definately stick with it. If high fruit/low fat does it for you, definately stay with that.

    But it just sounds like it from your posts that you are trying to live up to an ideal that you see people setting- that 100% raw, low fat, high fruit is best for you. Even though you don't seem to be happy or satisfied with it. It's best for you if it truly works for you. That was all I meant:-)

    Sprouts might be something good to try.

  • What's wrong with eating buckwheat if you love it so much? Sprouted/dehydrated buckwheat is raw, is it not?

    I feel like Sweet really really wants to eat it and it makes such a difference in her being happy or not, and so many people tell her to stop eating it? Why?

    And Sweet, why do you panic about getting fat so much? It's not like you'll wake up a hundred pounds heavier from one day to the next! It's all about colories. Calculate how many calories you need a day, and from the point of gaining weight or not, it doesn't matter what gives you this calories. (Health is a different matter, of course)

    So if you want to to, why not count calories and have your cup of buckwheat plus lots of healthy fruit every day?

    You have nothing to panic about...!

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Because humans aren't meant to eat grains?


  • Dancing barefoot said: "I feel like Sweet really really wants to eat it and it makes such a difference in her being happy or not, and so many people tell her to stop eating it? Why?"

    I didn't mean she shouldn't eat the buckwheat. She just seems to be so bothered. I agree with you Dancing barefoot, if it makes her happy and she is still healthy from it- have some buckwheat.

  • thanks for the help:) To say I had all fruit ,i must say i feel great !!! kurite isnt buckwheat a fruit seed and not a grain. A grain is like wheat berries, barley, rice etc.

  • Im just scared because, Do you really think I can survive on just fruit everyday, with no fats. Sometimes I panic thinking just the fruit isnt enough,, I like eating it but will I continue to lose weight or maintain to a healthy weight?

    I just want to eat fruit, but my family members keep telling me if you dont eat any fats or add something else in the diet i will not survive for long. I would like to know if i can survive on 100% fruit diet alone?

    Thanks so much everyone for the advice, it is helping me alot!!

  • Sweet, Completely relying on fruit only is very dangerous. Those following the high fruit/low fat raw still eat greens, possibly other veggies, and you can still have some seeds or nuts. Just try to keep your fat to around 10% of your calories. True fruitarianism has shown to lead to digestive problems and other failure to thrive issues. Please reconsider ONLY fruit. High fruit can be healthy. But not eating only fruit for an extended period of time. Fruits good for you. But, so is greens and other things too.

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    I personally dont believe in 80/10/10 and try to eat plenty of fat. As for buckwheat being a seed...Yes thats true but so is wheat and oats and every cereal grains. They are however almost identical to each other nutritionally and most people consider buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth a grain.

  • Ok sisterbecky :) ill try and add something else in my diet instead of only eating fruit , everyone here has been a big hel, Thank you. Kurite, is it better to eat more fats such as nuts or eat more grains? why is grains so bad anyway. shouldnt they be healthy for us? is it good to eat legumes, such as lentils, kidney beans etc? Can I mabey eat some cooked broccoli or some cooked kidney beans etc?

  • I want to get all the important nutrients as possible, where can I find vitamin b12 in vegan food?

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    I would eat nuts over grains any day. Preferably sprouted/soaked but if you don

  • if you are feeling that desperate than obviously the way you're eating is not working for you! incorporate nuts, seeds, avocado, LOTS of greens (that's the most important! if you only add one of these suggestions, add this one) and/or cold pressed oils into your diet and see if you feel any better. there are many people that cannot just be sustained by fruit in the long term.

    you are binging on buckwheat. it's a healthy food, granted, but binging always means there is either a nutritional or emotional imbalance in your life. my guess is both- your body is freaking out because buckwheat has something it desperately needs and your fear of fat (which can be quite inhibiting when your body is asking for change and your mind is reluctant) also sounds unhealthy. you ought to work yourself up to being willing to try anything under the raw spectrum at least. do some research on what most raw foodists think about fat. low fat is fine for most but NO fat causes many problems for many people. there is not just one cure-all diet. are all quite different and require different diets. this is why some people thrive on 80/10/10 and some do not, or high fat or low-glycemic etc.

    also, get a blood test. if you have health insurance you can get it at even a conventional hospital for free (that's what i do every 6 months) or you can find a holistic place that runs blood tests. it's a worthy investment and so important to make sure that you're actually healthy. it's not about being "Raw" or "No Fat"- it's about being healthy!

    best of luck to you :)

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    good advice

  • Thanks!! It must be a nutrient in the buckwheat i crave for because everytime i leave it out, i want it again. ill try and eat avocado or something. Would it be good to eat one avocado everday? but I will miss my buckwheat:( from what Kurite is telling the only food I can eat is fruit some veggies and nuts, how can someone be satisfied by a handful of nuts, most raw fooders eat alot of nuts in their diet. I also heard that nuts arent really raw unless you buy them from a real raw company. so i can eat alot of nuts and actually maintain my weight? i dont believe that, i can eat a whole bag of buckwheat have low fat and feel satisfied after, than having a whole bag of nuts and have all that fat in me, it will take longer to digest and it will take awhile to eliminate it out of the system.

  • What is the reason about grains , of why humans shouldnt eat them? I perfer buckwheat because its gluten free, low glycemic and alkaline. Wheat in the other hand contains gluten. why shouldnt humans eat grains anyway, is it because we cant digest them properly, or they make us fat, or it gives us disease? Its like people are giving grains a bad name. I havnt been eating any other grains for a long time, I only been eating the buckwheat which fo me is still considered a fruit seed and not a grain. it comes from the same family as ruhbarb.

  • In raw we cut out already dairy , meat and other processed foods. we only get down to eating fruti and veggies. then some people say , fruit has to much sugar and shouldnt be eaten in large amounts so then were down to nuts and veggies. Then people say nuts have too much fat and shouldnt be eaten in large amounts. Most raw crackers and breads or snacks are made with high fat nuts. If I wanted to eat a whole container i would be consuming tons of fat right there. Sometimes this raw food thing is mind playing . Im guessing just eat what you like.I love fruit I eat as many as i want everyday. I just dont care. Im just looking for answers and reasons on certain raw foods. I like learning and knowing new stuff. Thanks so much everyone for helping, I appreciate it!!

  • I think I know why I crave the buckwheat , its for maganese in it. Ive been eating alot of raspberries and raspberries have maganese . I seem to crave alot of raspberries lately. What does maganese do for the body?

  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    Hi Sweet, relax a little. if the worse things anyone ate were dehydrated buckwheat or cooked lentils then we would live on a healthy, compassionate planet.

    here is your problem, the more people you ask, the more variety of answers you will get. some people swear by 100% fruit and some dont. the truth is that we have all been bombarded with misinformation and we are all struggling to make sense of it.

    the only truth you know for sure is that dehydrated buckwheat isnt good for you and you know this because you dont feel good afterwards-your body has communicated this to you and your body only speaks the truth. as for the other stuff you will find the answers from the same guru, your body, try things, and listen. you will be disappointed when some things dont work, but also delighted when something else does.

    good luck!

  • True Kt thanks, Not everyone will have the same answers. I can eat 4 containers of raspberries and feel good and light afterwards, but if i eat a whole bag of dehydrated buckwheat i feel dehydrated and a bit tired:/ I love the buckwheat so much but when I do eat it all in one shot i get those side effects mabey i should just have some of it. Thanks.

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