Improve Digestion?

How can i improve my digestion?


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  • to improve your digestion, you really have to fix your digestive system, by clearing away solid debris in the liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts. this gets bile flowing normally again, and allows intestinal issues to heal.

    some raw foods do upset the intestine and should be avoided: cashew, beans, grains, soy.

    a lot of people might recommend some of the following for healing digestion: colonics, enemas, ejuva cleanse (and other herb/clay based cleanses), juice fasting, increase intake of ginger, turmeric, hot peppers.

    all of those remedies can be helpful, but none of them get to the source of the problem, which is bile stones. only liver flushes do this.

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    100% raw! and easy on the fats. Green juice in the mornings, on empty stomach. Enemas. Lots and lots of water.

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    so painful digestion of foods can be cause from your liver?? for me it hurts when food is in my stomach and takes very long to digest unless it's fruit. even salad take a long time

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    looked through your blog dreambroth, what liver flush r u doing?

  • if you are in pain after eating, that could be for a variety of reasons: from the mouth down: not chewing food well enough, lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down fiber, lack of bile flow (clogged liver), inflammation in the small intestine, not enough or wrong kind of gut flora.

    as food exits your stomach, it has just been through an acid bath, and it is supposed to be neutralized by the alkaline bile, which also contains chemicals that are the primary cause of peristalsis, the rhythmic movement of the intestine that pushes food through at a good pace.

    so your pain could be caused by a combination of things, but definitely it sounds like food is not moving through your intestine easily, and that is always related to a reduced bile flow.

    i do a version of the liver flush that is close to andreas moritz' book The Amazing Liver Gallbladder Flush. its basically a preparation of softening stones for a few days with fruit acids, then on the night of the flush you empty the intestine and relax the bile ducts with epsom salt, wait 2 hours, and then drink enough olive oil to cause your liver to squeeze itself empty and a tremendous flow of bile carries out stones.

    i had digestive dis-ease and discomfort, all through my childhood, nearly having my gallbladder removed when i was 7 due to cyst growth inside bile duct. changing to raw food alone did not heal me. in fact it made some of my symptoms worse and made me much more sensitive. doing liver flushes has caused an amazing turn around in all aspects of my health.

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    liver flushing is fake the size of the stones that come out couldnt possibly fit through the bile ducts.

    the two best ways to improve digestion is via the use of digestive bitters, bitter herbs stimulate the vagus nerve which in turn stimulates the release of stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, bile secreation and flushes/cleanses the liver in the process, up your water intake as they cleanse the liver effectively.

    the best thing is fermented foods such as kefir, cultured veggies etc these replace your good flora which is essential for good digestion. After you have kick started your flora with the above, you still have to feed the bacteria with fibre, good sources are rice bran, seaweeds, oat bram, FOS, inulin etc.


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    i have been eating a good amount of kefirs, krauts, pickles, yogurts ( that i make myself) almost daily for about 9 months to improve my gut flora and digestion but really hasnt helped, im not going to stop eating the live cutures, but i've got to do something. honestly though i can afford to buy the bitters for as long as i would need them to see a difference.

    Now i've read testimony after testimony of ppl that have dont the flush and have has amazing results. you can say it's a waste of time and nothing they have done has helped when they physically feel better ....

    i totally agree about the bitters though, i know how important bitters are for your body, i've been studying the folkore of Herbs.

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    remember you only need a bitter tasting herb rather than even buying a bitters formula. You can pick up any said bitter herb for pretty cheap per pound and suck on it for 30 seconds.

    are you making these fermented foods yourself as store bought are no good. What digestive symptoms are you having?

    zinc citrate 50mg with your largest meal, is good as zinc is a co-factor in stomach acid formation. TMG is also good.


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    yeah, i make my own fermented foods. just sour stomach, especially at night when im sleeping, wake up with real bad breath. hurts before and after i eat.

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    do you mean sour stomach as acid indigestion?


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    could be. My mom told me yesterday that i could juice grany smith apples and that would help break down some gall stones so i could pass em. ever heard of this? would a juice fast help any?

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    ive heard of it but how effective it is ive not heard much, its most likely the malic acid and pectin content used to soften.

    it depends really whats going on, it couldnt hurt to try.

    id try using a bitter if you could even something like bulk powder gentian so you can get increased bile secreation, stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes etc whilst cleansing the liver. Alot of the nutrients for stomach acid formation are acid dependant, trying zinc citrate would be a good idea cant hurt anyway 50mg with your largest meal.

    Acid indigestion is most commonly caused by low stomach acid if this is what your experiencing, it could be that you also have a hiatal hernia.

    Im still not sure what you mean by sour stomach though so its hard to tell, i believe sour stomach is reffered to as acid indigestion.


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    Hi! I agree with what Kelly wrote, and I've a few tips of my own:) Well, they're not my tips exactly...I kind of stole them from the 80-10-10 book.

    But I'm sure Dr Graham won't mind:)

    The BEST feeling ever comes around when I do just eat fruit. When I don't, I get's hard to explain this slow feeling, but my mouth feels intensely dry (like I've just sucked on a tea bag) and my guts get crampy. I eat about 5-6 oranges when I wake up, a bottle of water, then a grapefruit maybe, and then lunch is about 7 bananas and about a gallong of green smoothie (usually spinach or kale or...maybe just whatever was in the fridge? I also like cabbage smoothies which sounds dreadful but is really quite pleasant.) mixed with parsley. Then, since I'm a teacher adn we don't have much time for breaks and such, i usually just drink this green smoothie all day long. Dinner is a couple pineapples and a few apples, or some tomatoes and a half an avocado or something like that.

    I seriously recommend this diet, but you DO have to watch the fat intake. The fat affects you...

    I have lost weight, but that was just a bonus. I was really interested in just losing the bloat and gas and discomfort throughout the day.

    Now, if I were to eat cooked or fatty foods, it wouldn't a. taste good or b. be satisfying at all. I WANT oranges now, I CRAVE that pineapple after work...I NEED MY BANANAS!!!! (I even like the super brown ones, which I never thought that I'd say...)

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    im not opposed to trying the 80-10-10 diet. however im a nursing mohering and honestly i cant afford to loose anymore weight, im skinny enough, i was 112 which is the weight i like and got down to 88lb while i was raw.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about losing weight. Perhaps you're just meant to be on the thinner side of the majority? that's okay if you are. The book talks about how you're going to lose and then perhaps gain, while your body gets used to it...I believe it also talks about how your body will adjust and stick around the weight that is optimal for your health.

    I really have had no upset in digestion witn 80-10-10, and what I've been doing is more of a just fruit-all-the-time sort of thing, and no overt fats in my diet. It's WONDERFUl...and I can't say that enough:)

    plus, I never get that oh-god-i've-gotta-eat-something-before-i-pass-out kind of feeling...I have hypoglycemia issues,a nd so maintaining my blood sugar levels has to be a priority. Here, with so many fruits, I can easily do that.

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    how does bitters remove gallstones?

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    they soften and begin to break them down rawmamanibbles, whilst providing a flushing action to the liver/gallbladder.


  • nsns

    Try digestive enzymes and probiotics as supplements. If that works then you know that your problem is that your body and raw foods alone are not able to provide enough enzymes.

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    digestive enzymes long term can shut down your own bodys supply, so your better using bitters as instead of substituting the enzymes you stimulate the release.

    also most digestive enzyme products contain enzymes which break down fibres which takes away the food for your good bacteria.


  • nsns

    I read in a book that there is a popular theory that we are all born with a kind of enzyme bank as far the ability to produce enzymes is concerned. Our ability to produce enzymes keeps going down with age and adding outside enzymes for digestion would only help the body use the other enzymes for body's other important non-digestion related purposes.

    I have also heard from friends that naturopaths use the enzymes pretty successfully to treat patients - well, most problems start from digestion related matters anyway.

    I am no expert in these matters. I am only saying what I have read and heard.

    I have been high raw for more than a year. It has made remarkable changes to me but I am still trying to fix some small issues and I am planning to try enzymes to see if they make some difference.

    I am also coming to the belief that raw is great but, like pretty much everything else, there is a law of diminishing returns. It helps you take a long way but after that you got to do further fine tuning with other techniques.

    I would welcome to learn about others' experiences with enzymes - may be that should be separate thread.

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    i've been taking enzymes and probiotic --- they dont help my issue

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    Here are Some Ways to Improve Your Digestion Naturally

    Eat Real Food.
    Get Plenty of Fiber. It's common knowledge that fiber is beneficial for good digestion.
    Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet. 
    Stay Hydrated.
    Manage Your Stress.
    Eat Mindfully.
    Chew Your Food.
    Get Moving.

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