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Quick Snacks

Hey Everyone,

So I would say I am relatively new to Raw and I have been introducing it slowly. I absolutely love it and I instantly feel the health benefits resonating through my body. The only "issue" I have is getting used to what to make, essentials to buy, etc.

Any advice would be amazing...Another question I have is...What are some good raw snacks?



  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Hiya, some of the raw snacks I like are:

    carrots & hummus (or any kind of crudite/dip)

    green juice/smoothie


    raw crackers

    raw cookies/sweet treats


  • Thanks sv3...Truly appreciated!

  • fresh dark green veggies all colors of veggies, some fruit 

    one great investment to make power packed nutrient dense smoothies and soups, nut butters etc is the vitamix 5200

    you can use my code and get special pricing on my website(s) - free shipping and a complimentary nutritional health consult with me with your purchase. (i'm a holistic/alternative HEALTH & WELLNESS doctor)

    ~working on my sites to make them rock but here:




    absolutely a necessity imho

    saves money time and greatly contributes to one's ability to stay healthy and KNOW what is IN what you EAT

    green smoothies are fab for a snack and pack a punch loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. i also make my own grain free breads, snacks and crackers

    happy to assist you on your journey

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Oooh, forgot about kale chips! http://goneraw.com/recipe/cheesy-kale-chips

    Also, some other good ideas from this site:

    carrot crackers: http://goneraw.com/node/6388

    'Crazy Bread' Crackers: http://goneraw.com/node/638

    Cinnamon Rolls: http://goneraw.com/recipe/cinnamon-rolls

    Curried Lentil Crackers: http://goneraw.com/recipe/curried-lentil-crackers

    Chewy Apple-Cinna Cookies: http://goneraw.com/node/3942

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    one of my favorite snacks at the moment is dried mulberries damn there moreishly tasty.


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    my favorite snack is spinach!! i just eat it while i'm watching tv/movies. it's like popcorn to me now. i also like putting veggies in iceberg lettuce and making a wrap of it. it's messy, but so good.

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    Raisins, dried apple slices- you can make your own if you have a dehydrator.

    I love cucumbers or carrots dipped in avocado, mixed w/ homemade salsa (tomato, onion, spices, basically whatever you want to throw in)

  • cabbage slices with pistachio...pecan....sunflower butters!!!!!!!

  • wow...

    You are all awesome... I can't wait to experiment with everything.

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