High liver enzymes

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I recently got some blood work done and my doctor had asked me to repeat them to double check my liver enzymes. I went to see her last week and she told me that after the first blood test they were pretty high, and after the second blood test (a week later) they were even higher (they had increased by 10%). She's worried because I my lifestyle does not reflect that of someone with liver problems (I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat fatty foods, no vitamins or medications etc.). She's going to have me have an abdominal ultrasound and more blood work next week.

The only thing that I can think of that I take is herbal tea (organic spearmint & peppermint). would there be a link between these herbs and elevated liver enzymes? Is there a correlation between being raw and liver problems (like consuming too much of certain vitamins or nutrients)?


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    They test are liver enzymes at work because of some of the chemicals we work with. (but I don't believe you work in a factory?)

    This sounds very unusual. I don't know if there is anything raw in excess that could cause it. I would definately let your doctor know what foods and teas you often have. (Spearmint and peppermint sound so "normal"). Just in case. It might have NOTHING to do with your diet. But, I would rule that out.

    Hopefully someone will have an idea.

    added later: I see on the internet that it can be a sign of gallstones? That's not something you would be thrilled about- but they can easily remedy it.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    id doubt its anything to do with those two herbal teas.

    Do you consume large amounts of fats via nuts? that could be my only thinking in relation to your diet.

    Any other symptoms or health problems?

    milk thistle seed powder is good for lowering high liver enzymes and regenerating/detoxing the liver, if you need any give me a shout via the site below.


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    I think AVL is high fruit, right?

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    You are right rawmamanibbles! I am high fruit :) I rarely eat nuts/seeds or any added fats. I pretty much stick to fruit, although lately I've had some non raw foods, like gluten-free craackers & breads and vegetarian sushi with rice. But that's just been over 4 days last week and now I'm back on track with my usual diet of fruits (mostly melons...I LOVE melons!).

    My doctor also said that it could be mono or gallstones, but I don't have any symptoms for either illnesses. She's going to test me for hepatitis, although I really don't think I have it since I haven't been away in 2 years and I'm not doing anything that would put me at risk for hepatitis. She said it could be a virus, but I don't know what kind of virus would cause high liver enzymes.

    powerlifter, thanks for the advice about milk thistle! I'm going to wait to see if my doctor can find what is going on with my liver before I take anything. If I find out that something is wrong I will try a natural remedy.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I believe that if your body is eating too much sugar for your pancreas to handle, the liver starts kicking in. This is not a good thing; it is often a sign of diabetes. However, that is one possibility among many.

    Also, mint *can* be harmful to the liver in large quantities over a period of time. Why not skip the mint tea for a while, and try either milk thistle as powerlifer suggests, and/or bitter greens like dandelion, which are good for the liver? Bitter greens are also likely to even out your blood sugar, if that is an issue for you.

    Best of luck!

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    You could be at risk for Hep A if you are eating imported fruits... I got Hep A in Guatemala last summer from eating contaminated pitaya. It caused a ton of liver problems, among others, but they were brief and I'm considered fully recovered at this point.

    Make sure to wash your fruit and veg, you guys!

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Durianrider - thanks for the advice :) I think that out of the things that you mentioned, the "hardcore exercise with little recovery time" would apply to me the most. I don't eat too much fat, get plenty of hydration in my system, never eat salt (or salty things), and I have very little cooked foods (I'm working on not having any at all). I'm going for another blood test next week (so they are 1 month apart) and an abdominal ultrasound too. I guess we'll see what the doc says.

    susan 121 - I hope that I don't have hepatitis A. I do wash my fruit, but it's happened many times that I didn't wash my melons, and I know that they say that it best to wash them to avoid any type of bacteria (salmonella).

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Durianrider, the three friends I was with got it too and that's the only thing in common we ingested. Your scoffs and dismissal for any slightly negative comment made about fruit is pretty funny to me, too. Glad we can make each other laugh :)

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