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My body doesnt like raw foods!! :-(


I would like to start eating more raw foods but I have this problem - everytime I try to eat something raw and healthy such as green smoothie , green juice, kale or brocolli salad... my stomach feels really iritated and I feel like throwing up. Very often the food just passes through me and then comes out in one hour or even less.

Please help. I really dont know what to do. I have several health issues (bad acne, depression, being TOO thin..) and I dont want to take all the medicine that actually doesnt help when I know that there is a better way how to live.

Thank you for all your suggestions :-) ...And sorry if my english is too bad... :-)


  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    I had the same symptoms you're describing when I discovered that I had a gluten in tolerance. You can be best for it or simply eliminate bread, pasta, any thing that has wheat from your diet for about 2-4 weeks. When you incorporate it back into your diet you'll definitely know if that's your problem. What ever I ate went straight thru me too.

    Your English is VERY good. What is your native tongue?

    Check out my site for more info on gluten intolerance and acne:



  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    Yes, her English is good:-) I'd like to add the suggestion of introducing something gentler (though I like kale and brocolli). Kale and brocolli are rougher vegetables. You may need to get your digestive system use to that type of food instead of plunging in too fast.

    Many people find fruit to be easy to digest. Try bananas, peaches, apples or berries.

    Instead of eating a big bowl of raw brocolli salad right off (though I love brocolli salad), add a good size salad of tender greens to a meal with healthy cooked food. Slowly add in more raw food as your body can tolerate it.

    As InVeganGenesis suggested- eliminating wheat products (or cutting back on them) may help alot.

    Go slowly. It sounds like your body is not use to raw foods.

  • rawpretzelarawpretzela Raw Newbie

    My body loves raw foods, but I bought a few days ago a better than roasted macadamia nut butter and every time I eat it OMG i feel like I'm diying i swear!! terrible... anyway you're body will get used to raw foods, don't worry. Where are you from? I'm from Mexico:)

  • I agree with sisterbecky.

    MariannaS, when I first went raw I felt like throwing up almost everytime I ate dinner, because I'd have very dark green veggies at dinner (broccoli, spinach, kale, etc)-- green veggies can upset your tummy when you aren't used to eating them a lot, and in larger quantities.

    I did find that my stomach was eased by eating and orange or something after I'd eat a bunch of greens.

    Your stomach will adjust to it eventually, but in the meantime just take it slowly...and yes, fruits are the easiest. :)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    as has been said removing any potential dietary stress such as the common allergens gluten, wheat, milk and possibly eggs etc is a good start if you havent already.

    acne is moslty caused by hormonal imbalances involving androgens. Bitter herbs will help your digestion of raw foods whilst cleansing the liver which in turn allows the liver to metabolize excess hormones. Depression has many causes also from low neurotransmitters, hormonal imbalances, vitamin B deficiences, chronic candidisis and more.


  • tabbycats_tofutabbycats_tofu Raw Newbie

    I STILL have this on occasion, the feeling pukey bit, when I take in too much kale or swiss chard, or wheatgrass juice...WOW, it's like I've taken an iron supplement on an empty stomach or something, kind of INSTANT nausea...My advice? ease into it, cut the greens in your smoothie to half power by adding some bananas, or strawberries (but fruit sometimes tastes wicked awful if mixed with greens...sometimes, not always)....I did find that the greens agreed more and more with me as I got into the raw thing more, but I DID have to cut back on the greens and go more for fruit and still do really...fruit seems easiest for me to digest on any given day.

    and your English is terrific, fret not:)

  • Hi,

    The thing to remember as well is that raw foods do detoxify your body.

    I got crampy, irritable, constipated, moody and nausea for the first few weeks. Once you clear the detox you will feel a new unbounded energy from deep within you. A new energy that will heal many aspects of your life.

    Start out slow with a few raw things each day and gradually increase as the weeks go by. You may find that much easier.

  • Hello and thank you so much for all your advices and ideas. Its been SO HELPFUL for me.


  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    I did have problems with weakening teeth due to the acid from so much fruits. So try to use a straw with your fruit and green smoothies to protect your teeth.

    The spam filter won't allow me to leave the link but on my site under the section Health Topics I ave a sample of meeting your daily calcium and protein on a 100% raw diet

    I hope this helps and hope you feel better soon.

  • if you have lot's of leafy greens, romaine, spinach or even or celery, your minerals should be up :)

    if you eat all your fruit at it's ripest, they won't be so acidic for your teeth. :)

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