no-poo to go?

I went no-poo this year. I've used shampoo three times in the last five months and baking soda, salt, and apple cider vinegar the rest of the time. So far it's been great! I have a question though: I am working in a "urban camp" setting this summer where I'll be living in a dorm setting and only be able to shower every few days and will be traveling from place to place. Basically I'm wondering how to make my no-poo routine travel prof. Right now I have baking soda in the fridge, apple cider vinegar in the cabinet, and salt on the counter. I just putz around in the morning before my shower and get the stuff. That won't fly this summer. Any ideas? What do you no-poo people do when you travel?


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I live in a semi so I am always on the go! I went to walgreens and bought some empty bottles with lids like you see on shampoo bottles. I put baking soda in one and add just a little ACV to the other then go into the truck stop showers and add water. I like my baking soda thick so it feels like I am using shampoo and body wash. than I use the ACV and water as a conditioner.

    and that is it. I have a couple of bottle of braggs raw ACV and many boxes of baking soda here in the truck. I use a funnel to fill them right before I go for my shower.

  • nsns

    Why not just use the same plant based natural soap for both body and hair? That's what I do and it seems to work for me. (And I used to have a serious case of seborrheic dermatitis.)

  • thanks for the ideas.

    ns: what soap do you use?

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I am allergic to all soap, so the baking soda is my body wash also!!

  • nsns

    I use a local Canadian brand - it won't be available everywhere. The big brands are a bit pricey. I guess you can look at some in Whole Foods and see if any suits your requirements.

    Actually , now I am coming to the conclusion that we don't even need to soap as often as most of us do.

    I do agree that even these natural soaps might have quite a few unnecessary stuff. But for me it is just convenient. For others, this might be a convenient compromise while traveling.

  • interesting, what are the steps for not using shampoo? What would a beginner do exactly and what are the benefits?

  • nsns

    Check out the above link for a plant based natural soap.

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