back briefly, green smoothie fast + some recent reflections:)

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Hey! Don't know if anyone remembers me, used to post quite a bit, man this site looks different from the last time I was here!

I've been pretty much entirely vegan, though not raw, for a while (was 100% raw for about a year a couple years ago)... unfortunately some less than ideal food choices have caused about 15 (20? ok 20) extra pounds to creep up on me over the past year or so. (I know, I know... that's a lot!) Anywhoo I'm not TOO uncomfortable about it, since I was pretty skinny when I started so now I just like sort of average weight-wise... but I'm also feeling pretty unhealthy in general, sort of tired and worn down... just not where my body should be.

SO the point is that I'm going to do a 30 day green smoothie fast, with some whole fruit here and there. So basically about 60% greens, 40% fruit, lots of water, minimal/no fat for cleansing purposes.

Anyone want to do this with me, at least part of the way? Also, bring your best green smoothie recipes/suggestions/experiences my way please!!

thanks all:)


  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    ALSO I'm going to be taking a b12 sup as usual, and an iron supplement either every day or every other day since I have veery low iron.

  • Hi Elizabeth, When are you starting, or have you already started? I may be interested in a doing for a couple of weeks.

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