New and Excited

Hey I have been a vegetarian for only about 3 months now, but a friend of mine told me about raw foodism and I started researching it and it looks like a really good Idea. But I need some help. What are some really easy and cheap meals? I figured I would start most days off with a smoothie and an apple. What are some good lunch and dinner ideas? And I have a budget of about 50 bucks for food each week, any ideas on how to make that last? thanks so much



  • not easy

    I know that from experience.

    I have vegetables in my smoothies and I have found avocado and squash to fit with fruits and being a bit cheaper. I aso think of eating cheap but very healthy stuff like cabbage. Like in a salat replacing the salat. It's cheaper and makes you more full.

    I also don't buy anything processed. Is that cheaper. Yes, when it comes to raw food it is, but I really struggle with the raw chocolate bars wich I love......*sigh*

    I make myself some home made pesto replasing cheese with coconut milk and eat it with different raw vegetables. I don't know if the cocoa nut milk is really raw but I am new to this and I can't check on everything all the time as that will make me feel bad and want to give up. I am sure I will do better sfter I've been doing this for a while and focus on what I actually do right.-)

    good luck to you!

  • Buy in bulk. the local market I go to has, like, 20 mangoes for 8 dollars. cha-ching! use cost-co to the MAX! (if you're not strict on organic stuff). Soups and salads are good, because you only need a little bit of spices to really make the dishes. By salad I also mean, like, a gumbo of different veggies (not pure

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