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question about avacados?

if u made a pudding using cocao and like maple syrup and avacado would u taste the avacado and is it just alone like how does it taste?

never had avacado for while


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    if you use enough sweetener an cacao it will cover the taste of the avocado. it's good, try it!

  • so yummy, you have to make it! if you leave the pudding for a while (in the fridge, or freeze it to make 'ice cream') you will be able to taste the avocado a bit, but not much. :)

  • i used to make this all the time its delicious and you really don't need that much sweetener- i have used both agave and dates. the consistency is just like chocolate pudding but tastes better in my opinion. add a little vanilla and/or coconut oil for more flavor!

  • awesome thank you. like i don't even know what avacado tastes liek so just might be nice and yummy like.

    i was just wondeing my sister told me its like tofu not big flavor so u can change it and never notice it :)

  • I like to use banana, avocado, cacao and agave or honey

  • yeah! avocado pudding is the bomb.

    try just a simple 3-ingredient pudding of 1/2 an avocado, 1/4 cup cacao (or cocoa) and half a banana. (makes one serving.)

    i got that from ani's raw food kitchen. :)

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