Eating tree sap

today I took a walk behind my house(which is a wild growing area) and I found this tree that had large quantities of dry sap on it's bark, one was so huge I just had to open it up a bit and see what's under, when I replaced it lots of fresh liquid sap came out from the top and it looked really good so I tried some and it was really good hehe, it had a nice sweet taste with caramel texture, is tree sap safe to eat? I tried just a bit to see how it was cause I wasn't sure how much of a good idea it would be to try more.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Tree sap is safe if it is an edible one- whatever you do do NOT eat anything from yew as it is poisonous. There is one tree that has a delicious nutritious sap but I cannot remember which tree it is. I recommend you do some research and find out what tree you ate from and which ones are safe.

    I only found this:

    "Sap is a palatable source of vitamins and minerals and can provide pure water in an emergency, although its faint sweetness limits its use as drinking water, at least in the case of maple. Sugar maple trees can be tapped in February and early March, when the temperature goes below freezing at night and above 40 degrees in the daytime. (See How to Tap a Maple.) Untreated sap is highly nourishing, vital, and cleansing to the body, but must be kept cold to prevent spoilage.

    Other trees that can be tapped include red maple, sweet birch, hickory, walnut and sycamore. For most of these species, the sap run starts a little later than the maples, in early spring, and they are less sweet than sugar maple."

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    Did some research, it's a type of Acacia, called Acacia saligna/Acacia Cyanophylla, I read that the tree produce the sap on the base of it's leaf as food for ants, which protect it from leaf eating insects, which is funny because I saw a few walking around on it's branches thinking "shit I hope these aren't protecting ants that gonna kick my ass", guess the deep cracks it had on it bark caused some leakages, read that both sap&flowers are edibles so guess I'm gonna experiment a bit tomorrow, thanks for the info.

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