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HELP! Serious detox? Eczema much worse

greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

Dear folks- I have done my best to be high raw for almost two weeks- the only cooked foods I have had have been wholesome lentils, steamed veg, potatoes etc. I have cut out the food I am allergic to and had nothing with additives in etc. the eczema on my arms and hands has got much much worse the past 4 days- it is itching so intensely it is driving me insane and I can't sleep at night.It is the worse yet! Is this a sign I am detoxing and how long will this last? Will I ever be free of eczema? If I went pure 80/10/10 would it go? But would the fruit suagrs be a problem as I'm allergic to sugar? I have eczema info sent to me from a woman who had this condition for 20 years and rid herself by wholefood diet- she said i need to take plant enzymes- but wouldn't I be getting this on the raw diet?


  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Have you looked into testing for Candida? Usually a reaction to sugars and fruit sugars means there's something going on in the gut. I can't handle much fruit myself and had to go on a higher fat, low fruit sugar diet. I have WAY more energy and don't have as many symptoms. I'm looking into more methods to get rid of candida symptoms, but it's a struggle.

  • You both may find this website helpful: http://www.wholeapproach.com/index.php

    Apparently it is very common for symptoms to get worse before they get better and you should just persevere.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    I was wondering if you tried any of the things i recommended in the other eczema thread greenwood? Especially the bitters.


  • NyahzNyahz Raw Newbie

    Have u started juicing yet? I'm not totally raw but juicing helped my eczema so so much.

    Personally i think 80/10/10 may not be the best b/c your skin really needs the fats and help prevent it from further drying out

    I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping b/c of the itch but acupuncture really helps with this.

    Enzymes can be useful as well by doing some work for the body - some ppl say it's unnecessary but my feeling is it can't hurt.

    Hope you feel better!

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Most of the enzymes consumed are intended as digestive enzymes in which case long term or high doses, they can atrophy the bodies own supply. Ask her why she thinks these are a worthy treatment.

    Bitter herbs stimulate the release of pancreatic enzymes so are a better choice, i have to echo Nyahz comment about fats, good fats are very beneficial in the treatment of eczema.

    Aswell as probiotics, a recent study i read that i was going to link you had probiotics at birth curing eczema. Fermented foods are the best source i.e water kefir, cultured veggies etc.

    Then feeding them with prebiotic fibres such as rice bran, seaweeds, fos, inulin etc


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    "Have you looked into testing for Candida? Usually a reaction to sugars and fruit sugars means there's something going on in the gut. "

    The docs here don't do candida testing, you can't just get any test you want here in the UK- anyway I have none of the symptoms- I'm sure I don't have it.In my intolerance test all fruits came up as GOOD to eat. It is cane sugar that awful stuff in processed foods I have a prob with.

    "I was wondering if you tried any of the things i recommended in the other eczema thread greenwood? Especially the bitters."

    I haven't the money for supplements power lifer- I only get

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    The bitters were more for your liver, eczema is thought to be a combination of adrenal dysfunction and liver toxicity/stagnation.

    I know what you mean about money though:(, if you could find a cheap bitter powdered herb you should be able to pick up say some gentian powdered. You only need a small amount on the back of the tongue before meals so would last a while too.


  • Hi Greenwood

    this look like a good web site that I came across the other day


    I wonder have you thought about following a low histamine but raw diet?

    all my skin rashes disappeared when I went low histamine

    please see my post on

    http://goneraw.com/forum/why-im-so-mad-raw-food-movement-today-interesting-article-thoughts for why I did this

    I used to think I had a lot of allergies , but in fact I didnt - I just cannot process histamine properly.

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    I have seen the natural healing one Mysterie thanks.Histimine isn't a food item, it is part of the autoimmune system- it is released when one is allergic/sensitive to something.

  • Hey Greenwood, I had terrible eczema/blemishes on my face for years and sometimes other parts of my body plus dry skin everywhere. I had tried everything - got allergy tested, tried different diets, avoided foods. I thought it was candida b/c I do battle candida. Going raw didn't make it better. Nuts, certain allergens and certain stimulants (cacao) made it worse, etc. But recently I listened to Powerlifer and started taking the bitters and also adaptogenic herbs because through him I learned about adrenal dysfunction. In three days my eczema cleared up. It has been a couple weeks now and the skin on my face hasn't looked this good since I was a little girl.

    Powerlifer - thanks again. The adaptogenic herbs/bitters have been a life(skin) saver!

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    hey beaglelove that is great to hear glad your having success and finding relief. With time the liver will clear with the bitters and with you building up your adrenal glands its a good foundation for good health.


  • GulayG1rlGulayG1rl Raw Jr. Superstar

    Hey beaglelove. Where can I get more info about adaptogenic herbs?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    any info you need gulaygirl feel free to ask or email me via my store.


  • Hi Gulaygirl, yeah I got all my info from Powerlifer (see above) :-)

  • NyahzNyahz Raw Newbie

    I go to a Chinese herbalist who more than likely includes the "adotoptogenic herbs" in the tonics. He does mention some of the things powerlifer talked about- such as toxicity in the liver and adrenal imbalances.

    If buying the herbs are not an option, if you can find bitter melon (asian or african markets) it is a vegetable that does possess some of the same medicinal qualities. And very affordable, at least in the US

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Thanks folks- I had a very painful shop day today (painful in that my hands and arms are bright red and burning) but I got some wholesome food and found a great omega mix(milled flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts) - it not only has all the omegas, but iron, B12, magnesium, vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, zinc, selenium and Q enzyme 10.I had a big spoonful on my salad tonight. I went into a new age shop for some chamomile and marigold to soak in olive oil to ease my skin and I got talking to the women and they mentioned the liver and bitters and said dandelion is a bitter and a good one- well I have loads of that (dried organic) in from the last time I shopped there. So I ate a spoonful and drank some fruit juice to wash it down. It wasn't that bad. I also have more dried organic nettle leaves and will try to force myself to brew some up, let it cool and add juice and glug it down without heaving. I hate tea of any kind.Nettles and dandelions are said to be good for eczema.I got some tropical juice with pineapple in it for the enzyme bromelin.

    I'm detoxing big style- not only is the eczema burning but I have been trembling this eevning.The eczema programme I signed up to (free) said I'll get worse before it gets better- that this is a detox/healing crisis.

    I'm so pleased for you beaglelove! What bitters did you take and how did you take them? how bad was your eczema? Was it burning red and incredibly itchy?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    it doesnt really matter what bitters you take greenwood more that you take them correctly i.e they come in contact with the back of the tongue. Although combo bitter herb formulas obviously yield better results.

    nettle leaf is supportive of the adrenal glands although not an adaptogen that doesnt matter, it will help in the long run:).


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    What's an adaptogen?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    An adaptogen is a herb which increases the bodys resistance to stress, whether the stressor is mental or physical it doesnt matter. It trys to bring the body back into balance whatever the problem is.


  • Hi Greenwood, yes the eczema on my face was very red stingy, blistery at times and would flake alot. It worsened when I ate sensitivity foods like nuts and cacao. I've been doing many things to help. I started taking high quality Organic Sulphur (MSM) a couple months ago - and it actually got worse at first. Then as suggested by Powerlifer, I started the bitters (they're called 'Sweetish Bitters' by Gaia Herbs) and then the Adaptogen Herbal Supplement. The Adaptogens made a HUGE difference. I clearly have adrenal issues so the Adaptogens were key. Good Luck!

  • Ezcema sufferers. Have you ever considered getting genetically tested for Gluten Intolerance? My nutritionist has treated several patients with ezcema problems through a Grain Free Diet after they tested positive for the HLA-DQ1 sensitivity genes.NOTE TO FRIENDS: You do not have to have celiac disease to be gluten intolerant. Gluten Intolerance is linked to over 140 diseases...ezcema is one of them. Check out his website....www.glutenfreesociety.org

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    gluten intolerance and other dietary allergies are largely down to adrenal dysfunction, getting rid of them will help but will not cure its like a patch. Getting rid of them is essential though so good point and raw/vegan helps this as its easy to get rid of the dietary stressors such as wheat/gluten, egg etc.


  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    I'm pretty convinced that a wide array of things "cause" allergies and food sensitivities. I have tons of them myself, so I know they exist, but I have to believe there are underlying factors causing the dysfunction - as powerlifter mentioned. Although one would think adrenal dysfunction doesn't just happen either. We're exposed to so many pollutants and chemicals in our high tech societies and perhaps that's part of the problem. Then again, the GMO food tends to trend towards higher allergy responses, so the problem may actually be in some foods. Gluten intolerance is a great point though - allergies in general can exacerbate eczema. My little nephew has horrible eczema that would flare up immediately after some meals. It's largely under control due to allergy testing. Poor guy is allergic to a lot of stuff including some veggies and fruits. Environmental allergies can also stir them up, and he tends to get a rash if he spends much time around dust or dogs.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    There are many reasons the adrenal glands become weak, mainly stress, poor diet and stimulant/caffiene use being the main culprits.

    Allergic reactions are countered by the body through the production of antihistamine and anti-leukotriene epinephrine and anti-inflammatory and immune modulating corticosteroids, when the adrenal glands arent outputting these then eczema, food allergies and such happen.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the info folks- I cut out the problem foods ( but most of them wouldn't be eaten on a high raw/vegan/wholefood diet anyhow). I think additives in processed foods was my main problem and white sugar. I'm still suffering- my skin is very red and tender, itchy still and now leaking fluid- that's a sign of detox going on.

    I'll be getting the bitter herbs soon. I also had a realisation today- I was getting an organic vegetable and fruit order from my local organic wholefood shop- the

  • jjj87jjj87 Raw Newbie

    Hey powerlifer, are you still following this thread?  I've been reading about everyone's progress here and would really like to learn more about the protocol for using bitters and adaptogen supplements.  I, too, suffer from eczema and it is a fairly new thing for me.  Have been through the whole gamut of doctors and steroids.  Did a detox a few weeks ago but haven't seen much improvement (unless this is TSW?  But I was only on for two weeks).  I'm wondering if any toxins I did release from that detox are still lingering around... and how do I flush them out??  I've been avoiding dairy and other typical triggers (I miss pizza!).  I'm taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, fish oil etc. And of course, drinking filtered water and moisturizing my skin.  But I am curious about the bitters and adaptogen supps.

    Can you explain how to take each of them?  What time of day?  How often?  What to expect?l  Should they be taken together or at different times?  

    With regard to the adaptogens: I actually have some Rhodiala that I haven't used in a while and may start up again.  Isn't that an adaptogen?

    As for the bitters, I ordered some but I'm a little nervous.  Also, would using them topically help at all or is this more an internal liver thing?

    Finally, what's your take on homeopathic topical solutions for eczema.  Will it help or make things worse?  Or go away and come back?

    I appreciate any info.  And if anyone else would like to chime in, feel free.  Blessings!

  • alejandrocalejandroc Raw Newbie

    Please keep us updated with your condition. I met someone that was going through the same thing while detoxing. If you find anything that helps you I could let my friend know about it. I hope you get better soon.

  • cherrypies55cherrypies55 Raw Newbie
    LOOK UP HEALING CRISIS ECZEMA This is exactly what you're going through, I am going through the same! Also check out the eczema diet by Karen Fischer (skin friend). Allergy testing is a must! Stay strong! It will go away and your quality of life will be improved dramatically :)
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