Does anyone else have experience with Rosecea? Is it possible to treat it naturally?

The doc has had me on a maintenance dose of antibiotics to keep Rosecea under control. I developed it 5-10 years ago and the last year or so before the antibiotics, it got pretty bad, bright red cheeks, itchy, irritated skin, breakouts, flaking...

I've been mostly organic for almost a year and high raw for a few months now, and stopped taking the antibiotic about a week ago. My cheeks are starting to get red again, and the familiar itchy, irritation is coming back, plus 1-2 pimples. I really hate taking the antibiotics, I'd like to develop good digestion again (I'm eating fermented foods and drinking water kefir daily), so I need some ideas of how to deal with this naturally.



  • Hey Powerlifer - I think I remember your comment in that thread. I believe you said it had to do with intestinal/digestive issues?

    I used to have the same problem on my cheeks. I think that being raw, along with taking MSM and adaptogens has helped me a lot.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Im sure i answered this post before for another user on here. I will try dig it out for you if not ill post later with some info for you.


  • I've been using rosehip oil for a couple weeks and it has helped. To be fair, I didn't see a change the first two weeks and started to doubt, but kept on applying a few drops every evening. This week, I have noticed an enormous difference. The redness has lessened, my skin tone has evened out, and I think a patch of discoloration that I have on my temple has started to lighten. Overall, I look much healthier.

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