My Vegan 3 yr old got some milk,gum and eggs and now she is sick!!!!! =-(

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Last thursday sept 2, i got a meeting from work. I was not able to leave my kids with any family member so i brought them with me to the meeting. While there i sat them in the back and was watching them but got distracted with people and when i notice they were both eating glaze chocolate donuts and gum.

I think it was too late, they eat it soo fast and then she grab gum and swallow it.

I was soo mad but could not do anything at the time just pray she did not get sick.

Husband was ut of town from work. Now for the past two days she is been throwing up and with diarreah. No fever, anything else just that.

Thank God they both come to bed in the middle of the night, this morning 4am she started choking with her own vomit all over the bed, thank God hubby pick her up right way.

He keep asking what did she ate while he was not here. I know what she eat but i can't tell him because there will be a war.She is been vegan since she was born and suuuuper healthy. Honestly my kids hardly get sick. I feel soo guilty and sad about it. I feel it was my fault. What can i give her so she will feel better or to make the diarrhea and vomit go way?? could she got a stomach bug from dairy?? and the gum?? Thanks for any comment.


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Poor thing- she might have an intolerance to the diary and sugar. I haven't children so maybe not the best advice- but I would give her just water and let her tummy settle. Your health store might have some suitable tummy upset herbs.Hope she is betetr really soon x

  • CeidrenCeidren Raw Superstar

    I'm really sorry that happened to your kids. Maybe just focusing on calming foods like fruit smoothies (maybe with some mint) for now will allow their system to heal. Papaya or cucumber juice may help.

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    My daughter got it since Saturday. Last night she vomit again. Today she's been with just fruits and juice. About an hr ago i hear screaming in her room, though it was her and NOW IS MY SON (4YR OLD) VOMITING. VOMIT ALL OVER HIS BED, OMG!!!!! how did he got it?? saliva??? omg!!!!!!! vomit all over the house, beds,floor,comforters,clothing,shoes,etc. My poor kids, it breaks my heart((( tears))))) snif!!! =-(

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Sorry to hear that- poor little ones. It could be a junk food intolerance- dairy and sugar but it could also have been bacteria on the food. I would advise giving them nothing to eat for 24 hours just water. I hope they are better soon.

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