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Unavailable Raw Foods

Hello all,

Still gathering pieces of information before making the transition to raw food. I will appreciate it if you can relate to the following topics:

*Raw nuts and seaweeds are not sold commercially in my country, which I understand is partially the case in the USA as well. In this case, should I make a compromise? What is the damage? Also, I am afraid that part of the organic produce is too expensive. Any suggestions?

*How do you balance the amount of nuts and seeds in your diet? It seems that much of the recipes are nut- or seed-based.

*I am currently reading The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck and have learned that she began consuming meat due to B12 deficiency. Just saying it is very surprising that she came to this conclusion after all the research she conducted.


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    With b12 its easy enough to consume a sublingual b12 supplement or if your lucky b12 injections so there isnt really a need to go back to meat for the b12 issues.

    There isnt a great deal of difference with raw or unraw seaweeds or nuts in my opinion not enough to stress about anyway.

    Gourmet raw recipes do call for alot of nuts/seeds in many of the recipes so its best to try not take in too much. A calorie counter such as fitday would show you if your going way overboard.


  • hikurohikuro Raw Newbie

    I'm far from being 100%, but my $.02 says compromising a bit won't hurt you that much.

    I'm not a big fan of nuts, and don't really have them in my diet. But I think if you keep it a (relatively) small amount, not being raw would be okay. As powerlifter said a lot of gourmet raw recipes use a lot of nuts, but you don't have to use recipes like that to eat raw.

    Seaweed I'm not very familiar with. The only kind around here I can find/have tried is toasted nori which I don't like. I decided to go with a kelp powder instead, though I haven't received it/tried it yet.

    I wouldn't worry too much about organic either. It's probably better, sure, but if you can't find it or can't afford it, then that's how it is. Not eating organic isn't likely to impact your health very much(in my opinion, and there are certainly exceptions such as sensitivies to pesticides, etc.). I have a pretty limited selection or organic here, and it's certainly out of my price range. Heck most standard produce is out of my price range so I eat mostly the same fruits/veggies and have a good bit of frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. Not the best, but better than under eating or eating junk.

    Haven't read her book or know anything about her(I don't really read a lot of raw/vegan books, keep up with the 'gurus', etc.). But there are thousands of experts out there(and a lot more depending on the usage of expert) and they all reach different conclusions about different things. It's impossible for all factors to be equal in measuring health, and with so many studies done with different results you can back up almost any point of view. Your best bet is to weigh the different opinions of various experts, review the data/studies yourself and come to your own conclusions, figure out what makes sense to you, and combine that with your personal body/diet/health and figure out what works for you.

  • for some reason I am afraid of consuming nuts that are not raw, even if unsprouted raw.

    I think the chemical composition of the fats or just the molecular structure of the nut itself is altered such that it makes it easier for one to become fat from it. When fats are not raw they easily become rancid as well, and harder to digest.

    For some reason I just think raw whole nuts and seeds as opposed to raw oils, but much more un-raw nuts and oils, doesn't make you gain as much weight. They are also in fact healthier, they are not denatured and digest easier.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    It might be better for you to try sprouted or cooked legumes instead of nuts and seeds. They have protein in them too. Can you order some hemp,flax, or chia seeds? These are pretty essential at least in small amounts.

    I feel a huge difference when i eat organic versus not organic. But if you can't get it, it is still better to eat the fruits and veggies versus none at all.

  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

    This might be useful. I live on the Atlantic coast, where seaweed is a thriving industry, and this is one of many companies selling it around here. http://www.seaveg.co.uk/

    Why it's .co.uk, I have no idea. :/

  • I'd like to thank you all. All in all, I guess that it is still a good choice to make a partial compromise, as this kind of diet is clearly superior to the common one.

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