Need some support

Hi all,

I've been reading these forums and recipes for months now and have finally decided to join!

I have been working on being raw for the past couple months. The first month I was very high raw and feeling amazing. There were lots of social events, birthday parties, and STRESS in the last month. I ended up eating cooked food quite a few times but never got down on myself and always went right back to raw the next day. There has been a lot of personal stuff going on in the last couple weeks causing a LOT of stress and i've ended up falling off of raw completely. Eating really gross SAD food like i used to that doesn't even satisfy me!

A little background:

I've struggled with over-eating for as long as i can remember. I am 25 and in a healthy weight range but i could certainly lose a few pounds. I get really down on myself on my body and have worked years and years to build my confidence and self-esteem. I have overcome SO MUCH and try to remember that but i still occasionally find myself diving into old habits and thought patters. I feel extremely bloated/fat/ugly/ ETC and have gained back all of the weight i'd recently lost through raw. I know that getting back to raw will make me feel a TON better. I guess I am just looking for some support and encouragement. I treat my body in amazing ways physically (my passion is yoga) BUT i've not been taking care of the internal (for the past 5 years i've let myself eat all the junk and processed SAD food i want because i finally did a lot of healing from an 8 year long eating disorder. I am trying to find ways to eat raw without feeling like i "have" to but that it's actually what i WANT to do. I honor my body as a temple physically and need to start honoring it in what i put into my body.

Has anyone else been through a similar process?

Any advice?

Also, I live in a little mountain town with NO raw community. I always feel like i'm doing it alone. Any suggestions?


  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Well, you have a raw community here online, but for your decision to be raw, you don't need for anyone else to do the same to know it's best for YOU! So just gradually get back to it! With some fruits and nice dark green salads, I'm betting you'll feel less bloated within three days. :)

  • thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement superfood2....i am feeling MUCH better about things today =)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Hey yogafiend, you sound very like how i used to be, stress used to knock me for six, over ate pretty much everything and most of the time never felt satisfied until i felt sick or was sick.

    I had very low self esteem about my body image before getting into weight lifting. But things got better in time.

    I find what works for me is high raw but still eating some cooked vegan meals, i feel good so it works for me. Just try not to stress as its really counter productive to the adrenal glands.

    Good luck on your journey:).


  • thank you powerlifer....i've read your responses and they have been very informative and helpful. I love being healthy so this seems only natural. I know that i will have my ups and downs and this just like anything else, is a journey.

    thanks again

  • I was 100% raw five years ago for six weeks and felt better than I ever had in my life. It's been so hard since, and with no one else in the house supporting me and the kids wanting me to cook for them.

    The kids are teens and live with their dad mostly now. I also lived up in the mountains, but when the kids left I got a little apartment in my small town. The first thing I did was have my oven/stove removed and start sprouting. I eat almost 100% sprouts and nuts and don't have alot of spices (just sea salt, olive oil and rice vinegar, raw garlic and onions) 'cuz I don't want the tempation. I make nut cheese and sprout cheese, and though I sometimes use the dehydrater to make onion bread I only have my food processor (can't afford a vitamix or juicer yet). You can do alot w/ just those few things...even made orange juice in the food processer...just strained it through a nut milk bag (but you can use a paint strainer bag...I've done this and it's actually better).

    I didn't catch if you live alone or not, but if you do and can get rid of your stove it makes a world of difference. Just put a butcher's block in place of it.

    I still fall off when I'm out with my mom or the kids, but now I don't feel bad about it 'cuz my home is clear of anything cooked or processed...and no oven! I don't care if people don't like's MY home and I get to choose now .

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    The key for me was keeping it simple (i.e. fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and fruit for dinner followed by a large salad or raw pasta), only eating the fruits and vegetables I love, and being prepared (i.e. always having enough ripe fruit on hand). Once you start a routine and stick to it for a couple of weeks, it'll be smooth sailing after that.

    Hope that helps,



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