The Real Cause Of High Blood Sugar, And How You Can See For Yourself

One of the oddest parts of the raw food movement is that a section of its adherents demonize fruit, perhaps the most natural, human-ideal food we can consume.

Many blame the fact that it "floods the body with sugar," raising blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels do indeed lead to all kinds of problems, including the raw foodist's bane, candida, as well as type two diabetes and other conditions. But fruit is not the cause of high blood sugar.

I explain in this article: how sugar moves through the body on a healthy diet, and how high fat intake "gums up the works," and slows sugar processing to a crawl, raising blood sugar levels.

It is in this environment that candida, which feeds off sugar, moves in and makes people feel like crap.

But I don't want anyone to take my word for it, or rely on the wealth of studies going back to 1927 that have connected high-fat diets with elevated blood sugar levels, which I cite in my article.

There's a very simple way you can test this for yourself.

Go out to the nearest drug store and pick up a glucometer - the same type used by diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels - and a some test strips.

Do a week of each of the following diets, testing a few times a day to see how things change depending on when you last ate, when you exercised, etc. Don't start testing until the third day of each diet, as fat takes awhile to build up and clear out of the blood stream. You can easily figure out if you're eating the right amount of fat by using a free website like

1) High Fat: Make sure you're taking in at least 40 percent of your calories from fat. Depending on what your caloric intake is, you might take in 40 percent of your calories from fat from 3 avocados, a bunch of nuts, etc. Nutritidary gives you the specific amount of calories that come from fat when you enter in all the foods you've eaten. Be as precise as you can be. Record your blood sugar levels and how you feel.

2) Low Fat: Now keep your percentage of calories from fat below 10 percent, which is the level that diabetes reversal/ blood sugar lowering studies have shown to have the most success. Basically avoid all avocados, oils, nuts, seeds, meat, dairy, eggs, or other fatty foods. Eat all the fruit and vegetables you like with no worries about blood sugar.

I've done this test on myself multiple times. My blood sugar on the high-fat diet is always high, while always normal on the low-fat diet. Healthy fasting blood sugar is considered to be 83 mg/dl (4.6 mmol/L) or less.

I hope you guys do this test and figure out for yourself how your body handles fat and sugar.

Anyone going to check themselves out and get back to me?


  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    Hmmm....No, I'm not going to try it, but I will tell you why I've never believed the "demonetization" of fruit to begin with: I consider myself a Christian, and a creationist. In Genesis, it talks about how the "original" food was fruit. the consumption of vegetables came after "the fall". So, that has always been my argument: how can our original food be bad? I guess we are in the same agreement, just coming from different paths! Your information was very insightful as well.

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