Biblical support for veganism

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Hi guys, I wrote this article called "Biblical support for veganism". I'd love to hear thoughts and constructive criticism.


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    Fabulous, can you tell me the other versus you have found? thanks

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    Ok I have a question for you. if God gave the go ahead to eat meat because of the flood killing off vegetation, and Noah only took two of each animal, then by starting to eat animals would that not have made several species extinct? So what animals are we missing due to this? There are some serious flaws with this.

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    According to this, Noah (and the animals) were on the Ark for 377 days. We can assume that a lot of the animals procreated during that time. Even if only a small percentage of the "edible" animals procreated, considering that every specie of animal was present, what would be more than enough to sustain just one family.

    P.S. If you were thinking that everyone was on the ark for just 40 days, that is a common misconception. It was raining for 40 days, but everyone boarded the Ark 7 days prior and then remained on the ark long after it stopped raining (while the water was draining and/or evaporating, I guess). Within the context of the Bible being the truth, its not flawed.

  • As if you need some old book to back up your choices. Listen to your body! If you're eating raw right then you'll be in top form, all the time.

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    A lot of people care about what the Bible has to say, and a lot of them have the wrong idea about it. Thankfully, this isn't a thread about religion so we don't have to debate whether or not the Bible is important. Just what it says.

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    I thought that was an awesome post!! Thanks eecho

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