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sleep + skin probs, becoming raw?

Hi, someone on here helped me before about my soya allergy (which is inconvenient as I am a vegan) and suggested I was lacking a b vitamin- I've been eating lots of yeast extract and can now tollerate a little soya which is good :)

Just wondering if someone can help now- I need an awful lot of sleep to get rid of bags under my eyes, but I dont often get it as theres not enough time and I often can't sleep! I know that being raw reduced your need for lots of sleep, but I'm not yet 100% raw. is there anythign else I can do?

also, since becoming vegan I've developed 2 rashes on my hand and one on my face! I've tried lotions and moisturizer and exfoliants and everything but nothing gets rid of it completely- it just keeps it at bay then it comes back. Im reluctant to go to a doctor as the products are tested on animals and not vegan. Is there something else I can do?

Also, I've tried whole days of being raw but I just get so hungry. I have a green smoothie for beakfast and snack on seeds sprouts and fruits and things, but I just can't get full and I end up eating pasta or something to fill me up. I don't have a dehydrator but am getting one soon- please help?!


  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    When I first switched to raw I got a TERRIBLE rash on my upper body. It was a reaction from my immune system.... or you can call it detox. You will be hungry as long as you don't eat enough calories. I now eat 2800 calories per day. Do not be afraid to eat some fruit! I eat a 1000 calorie smoothie in the am (10 bananas + 4 cups greens) Keeps me full until my 1000 calorie lunch, which is usually 5-10 fruits, such as apples, oranges, mangos, bananas. Dinner is another smoothie, or 5-10 fruits, or a large salad. I eat very few nuts. I do yoga and go for a lot of walks with the dog. I used to be an insomniac and now I sleep 8-10 hours per night, no problem. When I ate cooked, it was 5000+ calories per day. I count calories raw because I was losing weight and had major cravings for cooked. I now know how many calories are in everything I eat. I don't need to write it down or think about it. Its natural!

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    I think chumana is right.

    Also, to improve quality of sleep, increase the number of hours before your last meal and bedtime. For instance, if you eat a big meal right before going to sleep, your quality of sleep will drop significantly, especially its a cooked meal. Now say you eat your last meal three or more hours before going to bed, you will sleep much better. This has to do with digestion. You don't want to be digesting while you're sleeping.

  • Hi VeganDelight! Ok, so here is my rec to you :) See a Naturopath and have a BioMerdian test done! These rashes could be food related, fungal related, bacteria related, etc... SO many things could be causing this that I would feel horrible guessing and/or giving advice. However, the BioMeridian testing is amazing at finding out what could possible be causing it! Personally, this is what I have done for my food allergies and/or rashes - YES, I have had rashes too! haha, and this testing was able to figure out it was stemming from a candida issue :( Moved my diet around a bit, rubbed some oregano oil on my skin and viola, it went away :) I don't sell and/or perform BioMerdian Test - I just believe in them!


  • try coconut oil on eczema type rashes! i had that on my ear when transitioning to raw and it helped it go away in 2 days.

  • I agree with the coconut oil, it's a natural wonder!

    Make sure you're raw includes eating food that you LOVE! This will really help satisfy you on so many levels. Don't be afraid to up the fruit, and have a handful of nuts of seeds in your salads whole, or grind them up and sprinkle them on your salad.

    Regarding the sleep I'd make sure you're getting enough exercise and fresh air every day - just one short walk is better than nothing.

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