dehydrated lentils and nut or bean yogurt?!!

nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

Ok, first of all im looking for something that resembles the fried lentils in bombay mix?! If i dehydrate the lentils from dry (having soaked them first), do you think this would do it? Do i have to sprout them before i dehydrate them or can i just dehydrate them from soaked? And what would happen if i didnt even soak them?

Ok, the other thing i wanted to ask you guys was yogurt. I want a probiotic that resembles a protein rich yogurt, Would blended beans with water or juice do it? how would i culture it? Should i just add the probiotic powder to the mix and then leave in a warm place or yogurt maker to culture?

Sorry about all the questions! Thanks for reading and been nice speaking with you,

Sunshine love,

Nicolette x x


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