intuitive eating vs rules

nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

I started out eating raw whilst embarking on my journey to reconnecting my body and soul. For decades i neglected my body's nutritional needs - living by meaningless and destructive food rules that dominated my life....and by doing so i lost that intuition that is so fundamental to wellness. Only now, am i beginning to listen to my body and give it what it asks.

But the subject of 'eating healthily' is one that sparks so many disputes with theory after theory ....and yet more rules: The 80/10/10; the fruitarian diet; the strictly no grain diet ....; he who eats no 'hybridized' food....the list goes on.

But i cant see how these diets are particularly valuable....since it leads one away from relying on one's intuition......

Im confused by all the rules about eating....i mean why would we avoid grains? What is it in them that are inferior?

Another thing is teeth.....eating so much fruit can surely affect your teeth? Doesnt it eventually?

look forward to hearing what you think....

Big love,


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    If we lived in "nature", we might be able to rely solely on "intuition" for eating. However, our instincts are impaired by the modern technological lifestyles we live. Therefore, we still need to rely on intuition for decision-making, however we also need to be educated.

    In other words, educate yourself first and then follow your intuition. A lot of your questions are in various books that are out there. For example, I know that 80/10/10 answers the teeth question. If you read it, it will probably answer other questions as well. Read a lot, do some trial and error, do what works best and remain receptive to new information.

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