1st time drank wheatgrass



I just typed something & i don't see that it worked so i'm doing it again, if it show up twice.. sorry.

I bought wheatgrass at whole foods store, i checked it for mold, didn't see any, then i rinsed it off & put it in my juicer, I drank 2 oz.

The taste wasn't too bad bad the fact that it is warm is what bothers me a little bit for some reason.. anyway, about 15 minutes after i drank it i felt VERY SICK to my stomach, as if i could vomit, this last for a good hour.

I also had a lot of burping (sorry if too much information) & that last 1.5 hours & then subsided about 30 min after that.

Anyone else have this experience? Is this normal?




  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Wheatgrass can cause this reaction in some sadly, it is pretty powerful especially undiluted.

    Might be a good idea to mix it with a weak green juice such as cucumber/celery and start with a smaller amount of wheatgrass.

    If in doubt see your doctor if you feel worse of course.


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