1200w motor sufficient to blend raw carrots?

nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

Im in the UK and am limited by how much i can spend on blenders/juicers. Im thinking of getting a high powered blender that can make raw vegetable soups and then if i ever want a veg juice i can just strain the pulp out of it. But will a 1200w motor be capable of blending raw carrots and squash etc?



  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    What is the make/model of the blender?

  • nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

    Well, the one ive been looking at getting is the 1200w Russell Hobbs version?


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    The Vitamix 5200 blender, which seems to be the unofficial standard blender, is 1380 Watts. So it seems that this blender's 1200 Watts is pretty good comparatively. However, the issue isn't just wattage, but also torque. One of the reasons Vitamix is so good is because of its powerful torque. It's hard to say how this blender compares. My best guess is that it will do a pretty good job of blending the carrots, but it might take a little extra time and you might need to pre-chop the carrots into smaller pieces than you would need to for other blenders. But it will most likely work.

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