Turn raw chocolate syrup into something else

Hi everyone!

My dreamlet (12) and I followed a recipe today on youtube for chocolate pudding with: irish moss, vanilla almond milk, coconut oil, cacao and agave. It was supposed to be fluffy and pudding-like but instead it came out watery. I think because my Irish moss was not in paste form but runnier. Could be that the Irish moss I found in my country (Greece) is red and not white??? Anyhow.... it is now a delicious syrup consistency. We want to make it into something else.... like brownies... or a creamy chocolate cake or cookies.

We cannot get young Thai coconuts here at all (huge bummer).

What I did think of doing was to make a luscious cheesecake and use the syrup on top...

Any ideas?

Hugs :)



  • Vidamel,

    In lieu of coconuts you could try adding some avocado to it as a thickener. I use both avocado and young coconut meat when I make my pudding and it's wonderfully creamy! I don't know how much chocolate syrup you have but I would start with one avocado mashed up and add the syrup to it until you've got the consistancy you are looking for. Let me know how that works for you.

    cheers :)

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