Hello nice people,

My sister has increased levels of Prolactin and she is very worried! Please if someone knows a natural remedy or if you think raw food diet for a certain period of time will help please let me know your experience! she is 22 years old. she is not pregnant or breast feeding.

Thank you very much!




    Anybody? Please!

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    There are many different reasons for increased prolactin such as hypothyroidism, PCOS etc.

    Does your sister have any diagnosed conditions or other symptoms that would indicate hypothyroidism etc?



    She is going through whole bunch of tests. I will post it later

    Thank you powerlifer!

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    Just watch out for thyroid blood tests as they can be quite inaccurate.

    Testing basal body temperature first thing in the morning is a much better indicator of how the thyroid is functioning along with symptoms of course.


  • It is good that your sister is getting further tests. that should help the doctors determine WHY the prolactin is elevated, which will help to determine the various treatment options.

    i can tell you that in MY personal experience, I had elevated prolactin levels, which was due to a tumor on the pituitary gland. I have no definitive proof as to what caused the tumor, and I tried drug therapy to stop it, but the tumor continued to grow. I did a lot of research and could not find any other treatments other than surgery. I had surgery to remove the tumor. My prolactin levels returned to normal immediatly and my symptoms also stopped immediatley. Unfortunately, 3.5 years later, i have had a recurrence of the tumor.

    There are other reasons for elevated prolactin levels, so I of course do not want to suggest that your sister has a tumor.

    I want to say also, though, that even though I was not able to find any natural remedy for MY condition, I am CERTAIN that eating a very healthy diet rich in fruits/vegetables and getting proper exercise can only help!

    Please keep us posted. I am very interested in what your sister finds out.


    Thanks for the replays!

    Thank you Canoes for shearing your personal experience with me! I will definitely pray for the best! May I ask what is your current condition? Are you doing raw diet?

    Best Wishes! Think happy thoughts!

  • Hi Rawblade, thanks for checking in with me. I have never had the goal to go completeley raw. Instead I strive for more and more fresh fruits and veggies (which for me is always a step in the right direction). and I have my ups and downs with my menus, but hey, life is about continuous improvement.

    I will have surgery next month to remove this tumor. My other option was radiation, and I am not yet willing to subject myself to that.

    is your sister alright? did her physician figure out why/what is causing her increased prolactin levels?


    Hi Canoes,

    She has a adenom on the pituitary glang. She is going to be taking pills and the doctors will monitor the problem. I do believe 100% raw will cure it. I cant convince her to go and stay on it at least a year! It is hard I know. The good news is the tumors on the patuitary glang are always adenoms not carcenoms. I wish you a successful and painless surgery.

    All the best to you! pls stay connected!


  • Cured adenoma- no drugs!

    I had a pituitary adenoma as well. I got checked out because at 14 I was lactating and had never even had sex, let alone gotten pregnant! I had extremely elevated levels of prolactin. They found the (begnin) tumor in my pituitary through a ct scan.

    I've never been a fan of drugs. When I went to see an endocronologist, they told me I would have to take pills for life.

    I said I'ld take my chances.

    I'm 26 now and my prolactin levels are normal. No pills, no surgery. I've been vegetarian for 6 years. Not 100% raw, but eat a lot of it. More important for her than diet is stress management. If she freaks out and thinks she is going to die or get terminally ill, then she will increase her disease. Stress is the one component that is present in 100% of illnesses. It sounds serious, but it's really not that big of a deal. If she uses herbal treatments to balance her hormones, that will help also.

    What really had the most efficacy in curing my tumor was these two things:

    1. Pranayama (breathing yoga) targeted at my endocrine system. I can't say enough about this!!!! It totally cleanses the blood, targets your glands and lymphs directly, strengthens the nervous system and cardiovascular system, increases digestion, and on and on and on. The amount of toxins removed by eating clean food can't compare to the amount of purification you can do with breath work alone. Don't believe me? Look it up!

    She should try "breath of fire" to start- 11 mins a day. You can see online how, or if you're interested I can explain it more.

    2. Getting pregnant. Oddly enough, my gyno doc said this was major in curing it. Don't know the science behind that, just relaying info here.

    Anyway good luck. Also, like I said, this is actually pretty common and generally not life threatening. Brain tumors are the fastest dissolving tumors. I cured it without drugs, and I pray she can too. Pharmecutical hormone therapy for life is a pretty shitty prospect... She should really check out her other options. And be gentle with her about raw. It's a HUGE lifestyle change and some people are just not capable of it, for thier own reasons. Have her make small incremental steps towards raw, like green smoothies. She won't have to change her routine much, and it will add a lot of nutrition to her diet. Please let me know how things develope for her and if I can be of service in any way.

    Hare Krsna and Jay Radhe :)


    Thank you very much syamadasimaui ! I would like to receive more info on the breathing techniques! the thig is my sister is 10 000km away from me and I cant really controll it. not that I have to but I want to,because I cant convince her that pills are not good for you!

    i will keep you posted! pls send me some info on the


    Thank you

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    I also have a 'prolactinoma' (pituitary tumour) Its benign, was discovered after tests and an MRI scan in 2007. It stopped my menstual cycle, including ovulation and I had to go on medication to enable me to become pregnant. Weirdly my daughter's now 18 months and my periods are back & my prolactin is in the normal range drug free. I was always told that it was likely to only be pregnancy or menopause which might 're-set' it..

    I food would help but they have no idea with mine (and most I think) why or what started it.

    I guess I don't really have an major advice but I know how scary it is when it's first being investigated. It took over a year for them to come back but Ive never been so pleased to get period pain!!

    I think maca could help as additions to smoothies etc, it helps with any hormonal imbalance. How are things now?

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    It's possible to cure high prolactin with raw vegan diet. watch this

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