Greetings from MA!

Hello everybody!!

My name is Michelle and I am 20 years old. Currently living at home in Massachusetts and have been vegan&raw for a few months now (and LOVING IT). I got into raw food because of a blog I follow, I started getting into food blogs after discovering my gluten intolerance about six months ago. I was having really bad acid reflux every month and day to day stomach issues and too much gas to be publicly accepted. After my wonderful mother suggested maybe I give up gluten (and I did) I was amazed at how what you put into your body effects the way you feel every day. It fascinated me so much I decided to delve into food and specialty diets a little more. I read multiple books, watched a few amazing documentaries and read a large amount of internet articles and have come to the conclusion that to better and preserve my newfound health and wellbeing at an optimal level, raw veganism is the way to go! I love all the new recipes and being creative in the kitchen. The food is fabulous and makes me feel satisfied but never overly full and gross. A great majority of my family has suffered or is suffering from cancer and other illnesses. Looking at those I love struggle, pains me and makes me wonder how we got here and how we can all become a healthy and happy human race. I feel like I have found the secret! (if you haven't guessed its raw veganism!!) I feel as if my pipes are running clean. I am looking forward to learning more and maybe chatting it up with some like minded people. Im excited to be here!!


  • Congratulations! It's great to have you here. There are many wonderful bloggers here on this site and the members here come from various backgrounds and perspectives. I completely relate to your motivation. My own motivation came from seeing what my family was dealing with and knowing I was headed that way. This journey has brought me back in touch with myself, my world, and my God. Congrats again!

    Cheers :)


  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

    I used to feel sicky day in day out. Then, I started dropping gluten, eggs, dairy, and suddenly, I felt good one day here and there. It allowed me to compare good and bad days, and what I did or didn't do. That's the key, is make changes and listen to your body! Good for you!

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