Raw Athlete and Vega Sport Question

Hello my lovely Gone Rawers! I'm currently on my first round of Insanity, week four of phase one and feel great:) Not 100% raw but I'm getting there!

I heard about the Vega Whole Food Optimizer a few years ago and have since stayed in the know with that company. Recently they've launched an array of products under their Vega Sports line, designed for vegan athletes. Their system has three different parts: Prepare, Sustain, and Recover. I was curious to know if any of you lovely GoneRawers had tried this, and if so wouldn't mind giving me a little bit of info about how you felt, your results, if it's worth it, etc. It's rather expensive, but I've read a few reviews saying that it's high in quality, so if it really is everything people make it out to be I'm open to it if it'll help me get to where I want to be.

Or, if it's too expensive and can easily be made at home, if any of you had your own Prepare, Sustain, Recover kind of recipes? To clarify what this means, what do you find important before, during, and after a good work out?

Thanks everyone, really appreciate any input!


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    home made nut and seed mylk with fruit smoothies

    dark raw greens




    micro greens

    way cheaper and i'll pit it vs anything in a bottle any day

  • Thank you, michigan roman, I appreciate your input. If you don't mind, I'd like to reword my question to get a clearer answer...

    What do you find important to consume before/after excercise to ensure adequate nutrient intake needed to perform optimally?

    Example: I've heard of making banana smoothies with celery after an excercise due to the potassium needed to help the muscles and the sodium levels because they get depleted. I've also heard of using coconut water to help with electrolytes and potassium, or chia seed because it helps you stay hydrated.

    What do you do?

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    ide never pit my ideas on before / after training vs brendans as i know hes professionally competed a couple decades while all along experimenting with and studying about diet

    and maybe he and some other modern nutrition peeps have created some products that are as good or even better than raw plant stuffs such as i read alot of people using the brown rice protein powder . its just im SUPER leary after 18 years of veganisn , all along exercising , during which ive used and read about 100's of herbs / suppliments while trying tens of different dietary styles . the entire time constantly reading on diet / nutririon / homeopathy / herbs / etc

    ive assumed the attitude that we can get the ultimate nutrients straight from the earth at a much cheaper price then whats sold in a bottle

    but maybe folks like brendan can boost the nutritional value up a bit and make its consumption more conveinient and it'll just cost the user more money , but for me i prefer to get everything straight from the earth unaltered

    concerning what i do : nothing , i just try to eat as clean as possible with no thought of fine details like before / after . but im 53 years old and not competing in sports so not real interested in ultimate gaining every second off a race or ultimate added muscle size . ive only got one secret magic super power boost suppliment i utilize pre work out : COFFEE ;-)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    I use the vega sports protein after workout for an extra protein boost.

    Definitley helps with recovery and gains. I will never be without a concentrated protein powder post workout as long as i do weight lifting.


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