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Sea Salt????

PrincessgirlPrincessgirl Raw Newbie

Is Sea Salt ok to take? I have heard it is beneficial to put some sea salt in your water to drink. Is this true? Or can it be bad for you?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Here's an article I wrote about sea salt:

    Is Sea Salt Really Healthy?


    Go raw and be fit,



  • PrincessgirlPrincessgirl Raw Newbie

    Thank you so much for that information. It clears up a lot!

  • Added salt is pretty much as healthy as "added sugar". As a comfort addiction, can be stress reducing in small amounts. Just keep in mind: Salt was the only preservative for hundreds of millennia, and humankind is hopelessly genetically addicted...we have refrigeration now, salt can go by-the-way.

    The minerals in salt are plentiful, and in the right ratio for life, but virtually every one is poisonous as they are "elemental" not "colloidal" (single molecule in size--can travel through cell walls--though the term "colloidal actually indicates "in permanent suspension".

    Minerals in salt may be hoarded by the body to "someday" try to break down to a size that can be utilized. 100% of minerals in a plant are already at the healthy size, drink a lot of distilled or RO water to leach the harmful minerals out of the body. Soak in Brine and seawater for truly healthy "added salt" experience....

  • Claire TurnipClaire Turnip Raw Newbie

    I have found that adding sea salt to a diet tends to cause a bit of what feels like unhealthy weight gain. Maybe it's just water retention?

    I know that my experience goes against what is all over the internet right now, and there are probably other factors involved, but it has kept me away from the salt shaker for years.

  • It should be at least)

  • triciawtriciaw Raw Starter

    I couldn't last long without my sea salt :)

    I try to limit it, but it is my one (of many) weaknesses...

  • stephanbstephanb Raw Newbie

    I like taking it occasionally, always thought it's good

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