blood test

Hi everyone, I went for a blood test about a week ago and found out that I was low in white blood cells. What foods are highest for increasing white blood cells? Thanks very much.


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    White blood cells are part of your body's immune system. They increase when your body needs to fight disease or clear toxins out of the bloodstream. I often have a low count of white blood cells as well. The main symptom for this is supposed to be constant sickness (what the doctor told me). Are you getting sick often? In my unprofessional opinion, if you're not getting sick then it doesn't matter. If you have low (below average) white blood cells and are not getting sick, it could actually be a sign that you are very healthy. If you want to "increase your white blood cell count" with certain foods, ironically you should eat the most unhealthy foods you can think of, then your count will skyrocket because they will be taxing your immune system. Does that make sense? Bottom line: you're probably ok.

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