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Greetings All!

I have been raw vegan for almost two years now and I have learned a lot! Digestion has been a primary concern for me. I continue to seek the best foods for balance and strength.

Since becoming a raw vegan my body has changed tremendously! For one I smell awesome! I have not used deodorant in ages! My skin looks great!



  • Claire TurnipClaire Turnip Raw Newbie

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing part of your journey with us :)

    Do you have any favorite recipes?

  • LolaQuizLolaQuiz Raw Newbie

    Wow, great job being raw vegan for 2 years, that's a really long time. Was it hard to get started?

  • Welcome!

  • NappyveganrunsNappyveganruns Raw Newbie
    I made a gradual switch to raw which made it easy. I just crave raw fresh fruit and veggies!
  • NappyveganrunsNappyveganruns Raw Newbie
    I have lots of great recipes! For most of my meals I enjoy large salads. One of my most recent favs is kale, shredded cabbage, red peppers, tomatoes, avocado and mango
  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I love avocado and mango (and red peppers...okay, I love a lot of fruit and veg). That salad sounds delicious! Do you have any sort of dressing with it?

  • NappyveganrunsNappyveganruns Raw Newbie
    No dressing the juices and creamy texture from the fruit and avocado create a dressing
  • RawLiferRawLifer Raw Jr. Leader

    Welcome!  I look forward to experiencing your raw journey with the Rawtarian community.  laughing

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    A creamy mango avacado dressing sounds delicious! 

  • JanaceJanace Raw Jr. Superstar

    I love avocado and how it mixes with the juices in the salad to make a dressing. YUM.

  • dldincalidldincali Raw Newbie

     Very nice to meet you in the TRK Nappy! I'm Happy Nappy too! I'm 80/20 WFPB/Raw... and it feels AWESOME! 


    The RawtarianJanace
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