unsuccessful printing of ebook. Help?!

knanceknance Raw Newbie


I'm old-fashioned (well, I'm old) and I'm really a hard-copy type of girl. So I'm printing out your ebooks and putting them in binders. The recipe pages are turning out okay, but the introductory pages, both at the front of the book and at the beginning of each section don't fit on the page, and so, I don't have the complete index and I'm missing a lot of your thoughts and good advice. Is there a way to adjust those pages so the will print on one page?

K. Nance


  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    Hi K.! 

    I too am often a hard-copy kind of girl.

    Is there a particular book that is giving you trouble?

    PS: Old is merely a state of mind, and you're not there, that's for sure :) 

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