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Acne after 6 months raw



  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Liver cleanse! Keep the liver and the bowel clean and efficent. Lovely, yes? And make sure you are getting enough zinc, natural food-based sulfer, and water.

  • ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

    The carrots are giving you a mega blast of beta carotene Vitamin A. Roaccutane is basically just a huge dose of Vitamin A. Determined not to take the roaccutane I been given by my dermatologist I have also just upped my Vitamin A consumption. My skin is drying out and slowly but surely I think it's going to work.

  • Turmeric powder ABSOLUTELY works. It's kind of disgusting and takes some getting used to but put 1 tbsp of powder in your mouth then take a big swig of water, swirl it all around in your mouth and swallow it. Do this morning and night. Turmeric is a miracle powder for skin conditions. It has completely cured my husband's boils and acne and my acne as well (which has a tendency to be cycstic). Also - cut out the Benzyl Peroxide. It's counter-intuitive but it just worsens the problem. TURMERIC! I'll shout it on the rooftops if I have to :) Also - give your body time to adjust. Nothing cures anything over night.

  • Here's my favorite:


    While I occasionally have breakouts, this stuff revolutionized my skin. I even tried the little Zeno machine that heats up for a ridiculous amount of money - didn't seem to help. I put this powder on religiously in the morning and the evening. Even better, the Cosmetics Database lists it as a "low hazard" item, so I feel safe putting it on my skin.

    I know, I know, it's detox, wait it out, speed it up with more green veggie juice..... Meanwhile, you could try the above and see if it helps you get through the detox. :-)

  • Hey Terilyn!

    How long did you take Turmeric powder? Do you still take it every day? I heard it can cause an upset stomach if taken too often...have you had this experience?

  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    Wow there is a lot of info on here.....

    Acne often occurs because the body is overwhelmed with toxins. There are too many to eliminate them through the urinary system or the digestive system, so they get pushed up through the skin (those are the only 3 systems of detoxification in the body, and if one system is over-taxed, the others pick up the slack).

    If you have only been raw for 6 months, that is not a very long time in the whole length of your life. You have (about) 20+ years before becoming raw, and I would assume that during those years you ate 'normally', drank tap water, took medication, went outside and breathed in toxic air....you see where I am going with this. We live very toxic lives, and unfortunately those toxins accumulate in our tissues and often turn into acne and other skin conditions (which is actually the 'safer' end of the spectrum, as those toxins can also lead to cancer and other diseases). Going raw can be a real shock to the body - after years of being silenced with poor diet, raw food 'wakes it up' and sets into motion lots of tasks (such as detoxification) that may have been ignored up to this point. If the body is overwhelmed, it will not function optimally. The body is a miraculous thing, but it can only do so much at one time.

    Be patient with your body, and continue to support it with good food and lots of water. An excess of chlorophyll (in greens) can actually cause acne to surface, as it pushes out toxins into the bloodstream. Maybe cut back on your greens a little and see if that helps. It's not about stopping the toxins/acne from coming out, but rather slowing down their release into your bloodstream so your body can handle a little bit at a time.

  • Oh don't worry and certainly don't take any chemical drugs in or on you!

    the first couple months (like you)i went raw my face was peeling like crazy and i got acne worse then i ever have. ITS BECAUSE YOUR BODY IT DETOXING everything bad inside of you its normal and just don't stress because it will pass. it takes your body maybe a full year to completely detox everything that has happened. wait a couple months it should be gone way better. in the mean time insted of those deramtologists medications try thishttp://cellfood.microwaterman.com/CellFood_Oxygen_Gel.html

    its natural and it actually good for the inside of you too! research different essential oils for acne and try those out such as lavendar, tea tree oil, clove oil, lemon oil, etc. to quicken detoxing try doing periodic juice or smoothie cleanses for a day or two at a time.

    good luck and remember that good, clear, radient, smooth skin is coming your way just wait! =)

  • Been having acne since going raw. I know its cleansing, but scary especialy if its like painful boils. Which I got on a on my chin recently. Thank-god for 15+ Manuka honey. Its like super power antibiotic! Dabbed that on, gone after couple days, after a week of suffering. That stuff is powerful! Now I do masks with it, because I know I will be cleansing for a while, even though been juicing for yrs & eating basicaly healthy. Everything changes when going raw! Cant ever imagine going back! It's a strange feeling to think about, can't believe I ever ate any other way! I do feel juicing anti inflamitories such as turmeric, ginger ect, is really great too. And of course detox.., liver cleansing teas as well.:)

    Thought this was interesting..


    Spots around the hairline and under the jaw line indicate a hormonal issuses. But spots on the chin relate to the bowel, and those around the smile line (from the nose to the corners of the mouth) are connected to the liver. To keep the liver healthy, try the herbs milk thistle (aka St Mary's thistle), nettles or red clover in tea or tablet forms.

  • Raw Mermaid... I was wondering how you are... just found your blog... and the comments... I realize this was a while ago... Are you still having the challenges that you had with your skin... would love to know how you made out... I have a company called Loving the Planet... and we are always looking, researching and watching out for people who have felt as though they have exhausted their resources to heal themselves... and then they find just the right solutions through healthy living, through vegan, vegetarian, and raw diets. We also believe in the emotional aspect of all ailments that occur in our body and on our body. We believe that everything that manifests in form on our body, or in it... comes from an unhealed emotional state. We provide amazing services for the discovery of such emotions, the unblocking within our self, and then the transformation through it. Please let us know how you made out. Contact us at answer at lovingtheplanet dot com . Be well, In heart,

  • blucieblucie Raw Newbie

    Have you tried Omega 3 supplementation? I get acne when I have too many Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3. 



  • CharlesStrokesCharlesStrokes Raw Newbie

    I feel the food is something that can really take over the skin, but still I believe that the best solution for you is using of Rose water, it’s the best thing for skin, I can guarantee you it will work wonders for your skin and it will get clear!

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master


    Boyana said:

    Thought this was interesting..


    Spots around the hairline and under the jaw line indicate a hormonal issuses. But spots on the chin relate to the bowel, and those around the smile line (from the nose to the corners of the mouth) are connected to the liver. To keep the liver healthy, try the herbs milk thistle (aka St Mary's thistle), nettles or red clover in tea or tablet forms.

     I wonder how accurate this is? I always thought that the ones on the chin were the hormonal ones. 

  • nancyjnancyj Raw Newbie

    Spotted skin, scars and acne marks make you feel embarrassed and hurt self-esteem as well. Many of us opt for cosmetics and other products to get rid of acne residues. There are many home remedies which have proven their effects on lightening these skin marks. Tomato and Lemon Juice: Take a “fresh tomato” and make its paste. Mix it well with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the paste on face for around 20 minutes and rinse it off gently with water after 20 minutes. Pulp of Aloe Vera: Let the pulp from Aloe Vera dry for 5 minutes in sun. Add 6-8 drops of lemon juice to it and apply on the affected area and face for 15 minutes. Onions: Cut the onion into small pieces. Grind those pieces and separate the juice from the residue. Apply the juice for few minutes on the affected skin and rinse after 10 minutes. Cucumber and Milk: Make a paste out of cucumber, milk and a bit of lime extract. It will serve as a face mask. Apply thoroughly and wash it with warm water after 10 minutes. You must consider a visit to dermatologist in severity of the condition. But, these home remedies are proven effective in getting rid of acne marks, black spots, pimples and dark spots.

  • alexcorwinalexcorwin Raw Newbie

    Hi, I used to have the same problem after changing my diet and I'm pretty sure this is the skin's reaction for detoxification of your body. In my case it lasted for about 4 months - first month was the worst and later it started to get smaller but anyway acne was still on my face. One day I came across curology reviews so I gave it a shot as the feedback is quite good. I found progressive photos in one blog (can't find it right now). So making the long story short I used it and the acne is gone after 3 months of using. 

  • cherylpcherylp Raw Newbie

    When I first began the raw diet, I started to get breakouts.  I traced it to the detox going on and was instructed to take zinc and alpha lipoic acid, as they have a great effect on clearing the skin.  It certainly cleared me up taking it twice a day.  I also concur that turmeric is a great supplement for any kind of inflammation.  In addition, I would also recommend using Dove bar soap.  It was recommended to me by a doctor specializing in acne.  It seemed  counterintuitive at the time, as my complexion was quite oily.  It turned out to be just what my skin needed.  Since then, it's all my family uses and it has helped my teenagers avoid the breakouts that made my youth miserable.  Nowadays there is a Dove for sensitive skin.  Try it.  (No, I have no connection, financial or otherwise, to the makers of that soap.). Years ago in high school, a guy I was dating told me I ought to try it.  He had a great skin and does to this day.  I resisted and lived to regret not taking his sage advice.  

  • ivimiivimi Raw Newbie
    bitt said:

    if it is detox a colonic might help. also, perhaps you are allergic to something. my husband gets bad acne from garlic. a raw diet would not cure him if he had garlic on raw. you can get tested for these things.

     yes, this was what I was thinking at first too!

    Also just raw doesn't mean that there are no things involved that are bad for your skin :)

  • gmom23kgmom23k Raw Newbie

    Have you tried charcoal face products? Charcoal draws toxins out of the skin. 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Mud masks help when I have the occasional breakout. 

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