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jan55jan55 Raw Newbie

Hi all,

Can I save my favourite recipes in a folder within the Rawtarian site?



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  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar
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    Hi Jan!

    Excellent question.

    The easiest way to save your favorite recipes is to "favorite" them by clicking the "heart" icon on the recipe. For example, on this icing recipe the white heart is located on the right-hand side on top of the photo itself near the top.

    To look at all of the recipes that you've favorited, look at your personal page.  For example, your page is here:

    I hope this answers your question!

    Note: You must be logged in to do this. 




  • jan55jan55 Raw Newbie

    Hi Laura-Jane,

    Thanks for that answer. I knew it would be somewhere on the site, but was scrolling through the recipes and didn't want to have to repeat it to save my favourites.



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