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stretch marks...



  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    can someone recommend (whose had positive results) a good brand of msn? I"ve got some in a pill form and never felt like it worked..

  • Yes please...if you have one??

  • Where did you buy your MSM?

  • The very very best MSM is Ultimate Superfood's (brand) Raw MSM. Also you do need to take it with a Vit C, I recommend Health Force Nutritionals (amazing and nontoxic), whether you are using it internally or in a lotion.

    I've had great results from dry brushing and MSM lotion.

  • Try Trilastin. It is an effective cream that helps get the skin to rejuvenate to its normal elasticity. A friend of mine used one and she has made a confession that it really worked.

    Trilasting has a unique structural protein complex which contains:

    Soy Protein, Collagen, High Potency Elastin = needed for skin to be able to deal with stretch marks.

    It is made up of 100% amino acids.

    This is safe for use and Trilastin not only works on stretch mark removal, it also applies on scars too.

    Trilastin is made for the skin.

    I do hope I have given an idea here. Apart from natural remedies, ( which are also effective ) trilastin stands out on cream products for stretch mark removal.

    Good Luck,


  • I just found out I'm pregnant, and I'm not sure how they do things here.

  • julianek45julianek45 Raw Newbie

    I would recommend dermalmd stretch mark cream. It made a huge difference in my stretch marks. I wasn't looking for a miracle, but it helped more than expected. I only had it for one week and I noticed a 30/40% difference already. I'm ready to see the difference in the upcoming weeks.

  • eleanorheleanorh Raw Newbie

    Regular massage with olive oil works best for the stretchmarks.

  • simonet7451simonet7451 Raw Newbie

    A must do for expecting mothers!! Best when used during 4-5 months of pregnancy and definitely after birth. The results are wonderful.

  • Sandra JohnSandra John Raw Newbie

    I only want to say that scars can be handled with just some home remedies you can rub aloevera on your skin where the stretchy marks are It also reduce the scars of pilples. 

  • BibiBibi Raw Jr. Leader

    I've heard and read an article that rapid weight loss is a major culprit of stretch marks and saggy skin even when you exercise regularly, and that it takes the body much longer and up to two years to adjust to its new (thinner) shape, But... if you lose the excess pounds gradually at a rate of 2-3 lbs a month, then once you reach your goal weight and maintain it, you will not get either stretch marks nor saggy skin.  Also, yo-yo dieting is very stressful on the body and it manifests in the skin, so choose a healthy lifestyle and stick to it.  I've also read online that eating celery in particular is great for skin elasticity.  YouTube has tons of videos on home remedies to treat stretch marks, and you will find them less expensive (by far) than the overpriced creams or other type of treatments such as laser treatments or surgical skin tucks.  Good luck, and remember to keep yourself well hydrated!

  • MarioG33MarioG33 Raw Newbie
    marta said:


    i know, i know, i know that "beauty is more than skin deep" - but i guess i still would like to heal myself inside and out, and i don't think it's a bad thing to want that.

    in any case, i am 19, a student. i am about 5'4" and 150 lbs. now, though i used to be about 110 last year. long story short, a lot happened in my life and as some sort of reaction i gained a massive amount of weight in a short period of time... so i am left with stretch marks.

    but the thing is, they aren't just on my thighs, they're on my hips, the back of my knees, my waist, everywhere. i am currently working on losing the weight again through a healthy diet - mostly raw - and through exercise, yoga, hiking, etc., but i want to know: have any of you experienced intense healing of these scars/lesions? i am trying to be optimistic but i can't help but feel that even if i do manage to go back to my "old" body (which, of course, i never appreciated when i had it-- i always thought i was "too big" then, it was a problem of self-perception) then i won't be able to get rid of these stretch marks, and i'll never really want to wear shorts again...

    i have also had similar problems with my skin this year - it went from being clear and perfect to very bad in a short period of time. right now, unavoidably, i am on a medication for my skin... i didn't want to but it wasn't getting better, over a long, long period of time. i have researched what exactly skin means in terms of detox, etc., and i understand how acne occurs, but the only thing that really ended up helping it was what i am doing now. but is there anything i can do about these acne scars, in addition? i just really want these pores to tighten up, i know it sounds silly but i have had such low self esteem lately... i feel as though i have damaged myself permanently, and it really hurts

    so please please please, a word of advice, optimism, anything! is there anything out there that can help? juice feasting, master cleanse, i don't know.

    thank you all so much for your time, you are all stars


     First off, honey, let me just say I sympathise with you. 

    I'll give you my story, in short. I used to be massively overweight - 120kg, when I was still a wee, young boy. I had stretch marks like a tiger clawed me on my lower stomach, I am not kidding you. This was back in 2004 or close enough. In 2016, I had my first photoshoot as a fashion model. 

    The moral of the story is as follows: No matter how gloom things are, given time and effort they can go leaps and bounds better. I did exercise REALLY hard after I got fed up with myself - and I did diet even harder. It all starts with a diet. Please, do PM me if you want some advice on that. Better yet, consult a professional.

    As for your stretch marks, they can and WILL get better if you take care of them. I can't promise you they will ever go away completely without surgery, but I KNOW and have SEEN them fade out considerably. 

    Don't lose your hope, honey. :) 

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