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If using raw to heal Candida, will there be an initial flare?

kristin406kristin406 Raw Newbie

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my first day on 80/10/10.  I have been horribly ill for 3 years with candida and only recently discovered that my high fat/protein "anti-candida" diet may have been why I haven't gotten any better.  So I have decided to give this fruit based diet a try instead.  

By the end of my first day however, I have horrible oral thrush.  That's something that hasn't been a problem of mine in a long time on the high fat diet.  I'm wondering if this is normal for the first day or so while the body adjusts to the change and starts to get all of the excess fat from my previous diet out of my stomach?  I will admit that I caved and ate some low fat grains yesterday too, maybe that is to blame?

Also, I am horribly underweight from spending 2.5 years starving myself on the anti-candida diet.  I really need to gain weight and am wondering if this is possible on the 80/10/10.  I struggled to get calories in yesterday, but I expected that for my first day with my stomach not used to eating so much volume.

Thanks for any advice!


  • annam5992annam5992 Raw Newbie

    Hi Kirstin,

    Don't know lots about getting rid of candida but pretty sure yeasts flourish on sugar ,so am not convinced a high sugar diet would be the way to go ?

    Good  luck with it  I hope you get on ok.


  • daniellefdaniellef Raw Newbie
    Kristin, I too am in a very similar situation. The level of fatigue from the detox is unbearable at times. I'm 5 days into raw and finally feeling a bit better. Following the Medical Medium suggestions of raw vegan diet to cleanse of candida. Good luck
  • kristin406kristin406 Raw Newbie
    I am on day 3 and while my stomach doesn't hurt for the first time in 3 years, I am so exhausted and my body just feels heavy. I'm going to stick with it and hope that this initial phase passes soon. I expected it to be hard but I was expecting totally different symptoms than the ones I'm experiencing.
  • Hi Kristin406 did you continue with this diet? I have recently become vegan and I'm looking to transition into fruitarian but today I had 2 banana smoothies alongside my usual blueberry bowl smoothie and I had a HUGE flare. My Candida affects my mental health as well as physical so it scares me when I down cycle but I'd like to try and stick it out as I am feeling the health benefits from ridding myself of meat.

    Any update would be amazing

  • Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader
    Candida is either yeast or fungus right? I'm confused kristin406 because I imagined that avoiding sugary foods like pasta, and pizza, bread etc would starve the candida and bring gut flora back into balance... but you have been dealing with it for three years? What problems have you had with your health?
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