Help -- Wheatgrass

I use a Vitamix to make green smoothies every day.  Yesterday, I thought I would switch things up and throw in a small handful of wheatgrass from Whole Foods.  Now I'm reading that the human body can't digest the fibers in wheatgrass, and it should be juiced instead??  Should I be alarmed?  Has anyone else had issues with this?  As of right now, I feel fine, but wondering if there are long term effects that I need to be worried about.  


  • Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader

    I had a period where I was having a handful or lawn grass in my smoothies. I had read that blending grass makes it digestible. Had no problem with it at all. And that was for a long period. Weather it helped my body nutritionally or not I'm not completely sure. What I read talked about how grass grows wild, and cannot rely on regular watering, it therefore has deep root systems which are exposed to more minerals; therefore the grass itself is more nutrient dense. I still pull it out of the ground sometimes and throw it in. So based on the fact that I had no issue, weather the body can break down the fibers or not, you should be fine. To be fair, we could probably test it by eating whole grass with very little chewing and just see how it comes out in our stool? haha maybe...

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