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Hi all, This will be a bit lengthy, but better with more information on my 'detox'.

Well.. I decided to do a 'quick' detox, my first, a few days ago. I basically read some blogs on what to eat and so forth, and missed the many tips on how to PREPARE for a detox before going into one.

I'm not a very unhealthy person, but not super healthy either. 1-2 mugs of coffee daily, varied food, not too much veggies though.

So I started off on day one (last Monday). But kind of semi... I took a hike in the woods and had a brunch (some white bread and some minestrone (powder) soup. After that I went shopping loads of veggies and had a smoothie for lunch, some nuts, and some salmon with baby spinach.

The second day I had some fruit, took a long walk in the woods, forgot to drink water and had a BIG headache. And this was Halloween. I had planned to do the detox for another day, but some friends came over and I decided to end it there and then. Had two beers and some veg dinner.

After this day, is when the effects really started showing up. At first strain/dull pain in my lower back. It then progressed as a dull but at times vary notable and uncomfortable pain from my lower back, my buttocks, down the back of my thighs and on the hip. Also some strain in my lower abdomen, but not as bad as the back/butt/legs. Felt the worst at night. Had to take pain killers to sleep.

The following two days after that (now on day 5 from the start of the 'detox') I still have these symptoms, although they have subsided somewhat and I can also feel it all the way down my legs now.

Last night I actually got to sleep without pain killers, but woke up, thinking it was in the middle of the night, and took one, just to find out that it was almost 6 a.m.

Today I've been better at drinking water and I also bought some chamomile tea to gulp.

Just wondering if there's anything else I can do to ease the symptoms or just ride them out?

Since this, I've read a whole lot more on what to think of before detoxing. I guess I must have shocked my body quite a bit.





  • Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader
    It sounds like a product of drinking alcohol while dehydrated to me.
  • OcvlvsOcvlvs Raw Newbie
    Matt_Raw said:
    It sounds like a product of drinking alcohol while dehydrated to me.

    Perhaps. But would that last this long?
  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    It might be a combination of the sudden diet change plus drinking, but it could just be detox too. I cheat and add raw chocolate. It seems to help with headaches, but I don't know how you feel about chocolate during a detox. 

  • OcvlvsOcvlvs Raw Newbie
    Thanks Tammi. Well it was two beers, 4,5%, so it wasn't a massive intake. Since I ended it on day two, I'm now back to my regular eating, although I have added more healthy stuff to my diet. Still have the ache on and off. Most prominent in the legs, worst in the thighs. Tonight was the first night without pain killers, so that must be considered progress. But it wasn't very pleasant.
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